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NewEridu 7.5

No Man’s Sky is an ambitious indie title that gives players a massive sandbox to explore. If you are looking for a game with excellent space combat, a solid narrative and a clear guiding path on what to do then this is not the game for you. For gamers with a sense of wonder and exploration, this is a game you must play and experience.

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Announcing the first of our collaborations for GameStart 2016 – our very own collectible custom statue of our mascot, Alyse!

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WiiU_GeneiIbunRoku_FE_scrn03_E3_bmp_jpgcopy 9.0

If you need another good reason to buy a Wii U in 2016, here’s one more. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE does not miss a beat when it comes to combining a fantastical pop star-themed contemporary RPG experience.

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We are pleased to announce that Okageo will be joining us at GameStart 2016!

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