In the first cutscenes of this game, I thought “Wow, it’s so bloody and dark, quite unlike traditional Final Fantasy games. And they killed a Chocobo! This will be an interesting game”. But alas, all those positive thoughts on a game I didn’t bother to check its history came crashing down into voids of disappointment when it was finally time to play. At first, I gave it some time thinking, maybe the graphics are still rendering and it will look awesome soon, but that “awesome” never came. It was like having a PSP game streamed to the PS4. The HD on its title should not even be there, I was disappointed and just felt… conned.

dead chocobo

The story of Final Fantasy Type-0 could be its saving grace from eternal damnation, if you can ignore all the poorly “HDed” graphics and off sync from lips voice acting. A war torn world of Orience that was once a paradise divided by crystals not unlike the ones you find in Final Fantasy XIII. Terms like “L’Cie”, “Eidolons” are used throughout Type-0 and those who’ve played Final Fantasy XIII will find these terms familiar as Type-0 is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries, a set of games sharing a common mythos with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV. However the story in these games are not connected.

In typical Japanese anime fashion, we have the cliche band of 14 pubescent or pre pubescent (I’m not sure due to Japanese depiction of age) heroes who were specially made to be combatants in war and be independent of crystals, which makes them special as (SPOILER ALERT) the Mecha faction Milites finds a way to disconnect combatants from their Crystal powers, and these kids come in to save the day. Then after the school is rebuilt, they attend school and are put in a special class. From here on, players would spend most of, if not half of the game, in the school talking to the extras, attending classes, learning about stats and combat, and pointless running around. Worst of all, some of these side quests are not optional as the missions starts on a timer in the academy, and in order to pass the timer one has to part take in these deviations to progress the timer.

The Kids

The 14 heroes of Type-0 are with barely any, if not any, backstory and one dimensional personalities. In the many hours spent, I only remember them by their weapons used and not by the ridiculous names they were given. The characteristics of Final Fantasy is absent in this game; there are no likeable or relatable characters. It’s just a mess of generic looking kids with cliche dialogs. The rest of the story feels recycled from previous Final Fantasies and just slapped together to make a game. Square Enix got lazy on this one.

Looks like there is no saving grace for this forgettable fantasy, it’s like waking up from a dream and forgetting 90% of it.

Okay, I need to go easy here. There is good and bad in the graphics department. Characters look alright with good animations, textures and particle effects, but if you deviate your eyes away from the characters and onto the rest of the game and its environment, be prepared to roll your eyes in disgust and be in disbelief of how terrible the textures look on everything else. Be reminded this is Type-0 HD the PS4 game, not the PSP game.


Cinematics are of usual good epic standards of Square Enix (thank goodness). They’ve only HDed the important things in the game like characters, bosses and some others. Most of it, however, is just a mess and disappointing to look at. Based on graphics alone, this game really doesn’t deserve to be a PS4 title.

The one thing I’ll give it though, is that it has smooth frame rates and an awesome soundtrack.

Combat in Type-0 is quite similar to Dissidia, omit the flying and jumping where its not a turn based but instead fast paced hack n slash with charge ups, ultimates and dodging around. A party consists of 3 of the 14 characters and they can be switched around, only 1 character can be controlled at any time and the other 2 will be via an AI. However, at any time, the player can switch around between the deployed 3 characters on the battlefield.


Despite having 3 characters to switch around with on the battlefield, combat is still considered a challenge as there is need to react quickly and find openings to attack. and bosses have specific weaknesses and resistances to figure out. Overall combat is very fun and even challenging at medium setting, it almost had me forget about those awful graphics.

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