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2B Steps into the GBVSR Arena for the Glory of Mankind Tonight!

by Elvis Mack

After months of anticipation, the android heroine from NieR: Automata is a few hours away from being available as a DLC character in the fantasy fighting game. Her release will go alongeside the release of Version 1.21 as she will be the second DLC character in the Season 1 Season Pass.

What You Need To Know

2B Second (In-Depth) Gameplay Trailer

We talked about 2B a lot here on Versus Vortex from her release date to her reveal. Above was the full display of her character in-game. She remained faithful to her play style in the Action Adventure title, with her dodges and use of her pod for creative maneuvers.

Patch Notes: https://rising.granbluefantasy.jp/en/news/detail/?id=82mc1nv3fm

2B Character Guide

Princess Connect Debuts In English!

Fans of the other Cygames titles may recognize Pecorine from Princess Connect! Re: Dive. A game about the guild, Gourmet Edifice, who sets off to face the evil laying in wait in Landosol. For the first time (besides from Pecorine) the other 3 female members of the guild Karyl, Kokkoro, and Sheffy will have English voices! This is a huge occasion for fans of the series having English VAs who are hopeful for the future.

Other Changes

However, one note is that the creative director of Granblue Fantasy, Tetsuya Fukuhara, has already confirmed no huge balance patch. The plan was to do one, however due to bug fixes there are pushing back the schedule for balance adjustments till after Arc World Tour Finals. The scheduled timeline for the change is March 24, the day after Arc World Tour Finals wraps up.

However, he did confirm that the input lag on the PS5 Version of will be cut down. The hope is that the PS5 version is now more consistent across all versions. This is huge as the PS5 Version of the game had the most input delay out of the versions.

You can read the entire statement here.

A lot of movement is happening with Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising in the coming days and weeks. And with 2B just on the horizon and major tournaments like EVO Japan, EVO 2024 taking place later this year. There is no better time to step into the skies of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising.

You can follow all the news and information for GBVSR via the official website, the X account or the discord.

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