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A.B.A Brings The All-Consuming Flame of Love To Strive!

by Elvis Mack

A fan favorite in the Guilty Gear Strive universe returns with the arrival of A.B.A as the next DLC Character for the 2020 fighter. During the latest ARC Live broadcast today, Arc System Works announced that she will also be releasing on March 26th only a few days after the world tour finals. Many fans are excited to see what she brings to the table with the new mechanics.

Who Is A.B.A?

A.B.A is a homunculus created atop a mountain home named “Frasco” and is the creation of a scientist who was taken away by the military before her ‘birth’. As a result, A.B.A spent the first 10 years of her life in total isolation. Known by fans for her distinctive appearance, which includes her greyish skin, red hair, and her attire mainly consists of blood-drenched bandages with a gray skirt. A.B.A is a shy person with strong principles and a possessive nature, especially towards Paracelsus, her axe, which she considers her partner in crime.

Most of that remains in her strive counterpart, but now she has had a taste of the new world. The world out of Frasco and a chance to see what is out there. As a result, her appearance has change and her motives differ from before. But no matter what, her love for Paracelsus is still unwavering.


Much of A.B.A gameplay did not change from her +R counterpart. A slow engine character with limited movement options and long range normals. However, when jealously rage is activated, not only are her moves enhanced but her movement turns up to 11. Being able to keep up with even the fastest characters in the game like Chipp while doing a heavy amount of damage.

A.B.A looks to be a good addition to the roster, and it won’t be long till she is available to all players on March 26th. However, we will be providing executive footage of her, live from Arc World Tour Finals, so please stay tuned!

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