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Akuma’s Character Guide Opened The Flood Gates

by Elvis Mack

With Akuma (Gouki)’s release only 2 weeks away, Capcom is starting to make moves to highlight his strengths. Last night, they released Akuma’s Character Guide, which goes over his playstyle and his various special and super moves. Meanwhile, however, various content creators were given the green light.

The Demon’s Arrival

Akuma’s Character Guide gave us a good first look at the various moves for him in Street Fighter 6. While is traditional air and grounded fireballs are still there, he is quite a bit. Notably his demon flip throw has both been removed. In its place however is an early demon flip stop to catch people trying to parry the flip follow-ups. With the lowest vitality in the game he emphasizes the glass cannon playstyle bigger than ever before. You can see the full guide below:

Akuma Character Guide in Street Fighter 6

Character Showcase

Meanwhile, various content creators had the chance to travel to Capcom to play Akuma before release, check out some of the various showcases below as well in Justin Wong, Kizzie Kay, Sajam, Maximinan Dood, and more:

With Akuma so close to release a lot of people are excited to get their hands on them! There are only a few days to go and with the amount of gameplay footage this will be more than enough to get your fill before release.

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