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Arc World Tour 2023 Finals: Everything You Need to Know

by Elvis Mack

The Arc World Tour 2023 Finals is the ultimate competition for fans of Arc System Works’ fighting games. With over $140,000 prize pool and a chance to prove their skills on the world stage, players from all over the globe are eager to participate in this epic event. Here are some of the highlights and information you need to know about the Arc World Tour 2023 Finals.

Arc World Tour 2023 Finals Official Trailer

Guilty Gear Strive Group Stage

The Group Lineups for Guilty Gear Strive

The Arc World Tour 2023 featured 16 qualifier events for Guilty Gear -Strive-, held in various regions across the world. The winners of these events earned a spot in the finals. Players also earned tour points based on their performance in the qualifier events, and the top three earners who have not won any qualifier events also qualified for the finals.

The groups were divided by the seeding of the groups, with each seed group separated. This is to prevent players who are seeded well to be placed in the same group to allow another death group to happen.

GroupsPlayer | Qualified Event
Group ADaru I-No | Rev Major 2023
Leo. | Battle Arena Melbourne 13
UMISHO | Frosty Faustings XVI
NBNHMR | 14th in Points Leaderboard (3rd Non-Qualified)
Group BTempestNYC | Ceotaku 2023 & Fighter’s Spirit
Zando | Headstomper 2023
GOBOU | Arc Revo Japan 2023
Tyurara | 13th in Points Leaderboard (2nd Non-Qualified)
Group CLeffen | EVO 2023
PepperySplash | Battle Coliseum 2023
Slash | Brussels Challenge Major Edition 2023
LCQ Qualifier #1
Group DJonathan Tene | VSFighting XI
Verix | Ultimate Fighting Arena 2023
Tiger Pop | 12th in Points Leaderboard (1st Non-Qualified)
LCQ Qualifier #2
Final Groups for Arc World Tour 2023

The Top 2 from each group will move on to Top 16. 1st place will move on in winners, 2nd place will move on in losers. Top 16 will take place on Day 3 of the event on March 23rd.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Final Bracket

The Arc World Tour 2023 also includes a special tournament for Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, with a separate prize pool and format. The tournament consists of three qualifier events, held in different regions. The top 2 of these events advanced to the final’s tournament, where they will face off in a double-elimination bracket.

Round 1 matches will feature the following:

  • Cygames Cup Special’s Winner Tako (Nier) versus Frosty Faustings XVI’s Runner-Up Xerom (Charlotta)
  • Kayane Cup’s Runner Up Sonic-San (Siegfried) versus Cygames Cup Special’s Runner-Up Fukunaga (Lancealot)
  • Kayane Cup’s Winner Fitizen (Siegfried) versus Frosty Faustings XVI’s Winner Zippy (Nier)
  • LCQ Qualifiers will go head-to-head AGAIN in Round 1 Winners

The LCQ for Granblue will take place on Day 2 of the event on March 22nd and the Top 2 finishers will move to face each other in the finals.

New Character Tease for Guilty Gear -Strive-

One of the most exciting moments of the Arc Live livestream was the tease of the next new character for Guilty Gear -Strive-. The character will be the third DLC character of the game’s first season pass, following Johnny and Elphelt Valentine as the next playable character. The character’s identity and release date have not been revealed yet, but fans have been speculating based on the brief silhouette.

The new character will be officially announced soon and, players and spectators will get to see the character in action for the first time at Arc World Tour Finals later next month.

More Than A Competition

The Arc World Tour 2023 Finals is not only a competition, but also a celebration of the fighting game community. The event will feature various attractions for the fans to enjoy, such as an artist alley and a live concert.

The artist alley will showcase the works of talented artists from the community, who will display and sell their original and fan-made artworks, merchandise, and crafts related to the Arc System Works’ games including a special appearance of Kelly Ohanian, the english voice actor of Bridget in Guilty Gear Strive.

Kelly Ohanian (Bridget English Voice Actor) will be in attendance at Arc World Tour 2023 FInals

There will also be a live concert will be a musical extravaganza. It will feature performances by some of the artists who have contributed to various Guilty Gear Songs and titles. This concert will be streamed live on YouTube and twitch and available after the tournament.

The Arc World Tour 2023 Finals is the biggest and most exciting event for the Arc System Works’ fighting games and fans of Guilty Gear and Granblue. With two amazing games, a huge prize pool, and a lot of surprises, the Arc World Tour 2023 is a must-watch and must-attend for any fighting game fan. Don’t miss the live stream on Arc System Works Twitch Channel to catch a chance to witness the history and the future of the Arc System Works’ fighting games at the Arc World Tour 2023 Finals.

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