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Arc World Tour 2024 Season: Everything You Need To Know

by Elvis Mack

As we are closely approaching EVO Japan, we are starting to get more information about the world tours. Today, Arc System Works just announced the format for the Arc World Tour 2024 Season. From prizing to the first draft of events, this is everything you need to know about the upcoming season.

Game Lineup

Prize Pools for Arc World Tour 2024 Finals

As mentioned before, Arc World Tour 2024 is made up of three separate titles. Guilty Gear Strive, Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, and Under Night In-Birth II Sys Celes are the main games. They will have offline (and online) events throughout the next year and the top players from each game will be invited to the finals next year.

Total Player Slots for Arc World Tour 2024 Finals for each game

One thing of note however, is that Under Night In-Birth will have less slots compared to the other two games. Being that 8 players will be qualified for the finals instead of 16 like the other two games. Also Under Night’s format is different from Granblue and Strive’s so kind that in mind.

The Format

There are three types of events in the Arc World Tour. Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Platinum events are the major tournaments throughout the year. The winner of these tournaments will automatically be invited to the finals next year and also have the highest points to acquire for the Top 13 players. Note that Under Night will only invite the winner. The Points system does not apply for that game.

Meanwhile, there is gold events (offline) and silver events (online) for players to acquire points for a global leaderboard. The top players of the leaderboard at the end of the season will also be invited. The inclusion of online events has not been seen since Arc World Tour 2021 during the Covid era. We are interested to see how that system looks on a later date.

The Events

Arc World Tour 2024 Season looks to have the biggest lineup yet for events on the tour. Below is the various events, regions, ranking and games that will be featured:

Platinum Events

EVO Japan 2024April 27-29, 2024Japan / TokyoGBVSR / GGST / UNI2
EVO 2024July 19-21, 2024USA / Las VegasGBVSR / GGST / UNI2
VSFighting XIIAugust 16-18, 2024UK / BirminghamGBVSR / GGST / UNI2
Ultimate Fighting ArenaSeptember 13-15, 2024France / AubervilliersGBVSR / GGST / UNI2
Climax of NightTBDUSA / AtlantaUNI2
Frost FaustingsTBDUSA / ChicagoGBVSR / GGST / UNI2
Platinum Events for Arc World Tour 2024 Season

Gold Events

Brussels ChallengeMay 10-12, 2024Belgium / BrusselsGBVSR / GGST
Combo BreakerMay 24-26, 2024USA / ChicagoGBVSR / GGST
Battle Arena MelbourneMay 31 – June 2, 2024Australia / MelbourneGBVSR / GGST
Super TournamentJune 8-9, 2024Korea / SeoulGBVSR / GGST
Only The BestJune 21-23, 2024Italy / NapoliGBVSR / GGST
CEOJune 28-30, 2024USA / DaytonaGBVSR / GGST
The MIXUPJuly, 2024France / LyonGBVSR / GGST
FV MajorJuly 27-28, 2024Malaysia / Kuala LumpurGBVSR / GGST
ARC REVO Japan in SENZANAugust 31 – September 1, 2024Japan / UokohamaGBVSR / GGST
ThunderstuckSeptember 14-15, 2024Mexico / Guadalupe, N.LGBVSR / GGST
Clash Of The OlympiansSeptember 20-22, 2024Greece / AthensGBVSR / GGST
Thaiger UppercutOctober 4-6, 2024Thailand / BangkokGBVSR / GGST
East Coast ThrowdownOctober 11-13, 2024USA / StamfordGBVSR / GGST
CEOtakuDecember 6-8, 2024USA / OrlandoGBVSR / GGSt
Gold Events for Arc World Tour 2024 Season

With so many events happenings this year, this looks to be a very intense year of action. With a total of 38 players qualifying for the finals, competition will be fierce. We will get more details on a future date, but we can’t wait to see what else this year has in store for AWT 2024.

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