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Arc World Tour Finals Final Preview. What To Expect Out Of The Three-Day Festival

by Elvis Mack

This weekend is the grand finale of a year’s worth of action in Guilty Gear Strive. The first international competition for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. And the first look at the highest level of play in the West Coast for Under Night In Birth II Sys:Celes. The Arc World Tour Finals is the culmination of all three games and a celebration for Arc System Works and all of their titles. Here is what to expect out of the three-day festival.

The Format

The format for each of the three titles vary depending on the duration of the tour. Under Night will be a single day double elimination tournament for a prize pool of ten thousand dollars. Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising invited six players due to getting top two at major events. Those six and two players from a last chance qualifier will play in a double elimination tournament in the finals.

Guilty gear is the unique out of the three. The fourteenth players who qualified by winning major events or placing well throughout the season were invited. Two other players will be invited by the last chance qualifier. These sixteenth players will play in a round-robin group stage, with first place making it out of the group in Winners. While the second place player will move on in the losers bracket. These players will then play a traditional top 8 till a champion is crowned.

The Players

All the players who were invited are strong as they had to perform well to make it to the finals. Here is all the players in the finals by game.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

PlayerCharacterIntro Video
Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Finalist at Arc World Tour Finals

Guilty Gear Strive

GroupsPlayer | Qualified Event
Group ADaru I-No
Group BTempestNYC
Group CLeffen
LCQ Qualifier #1
Group DJonathan Tene
Tiger Pop
LCQ Qualifier #2
Final Groups for Guilty Gear Strive at Arc World Tour Finals

Outside The Bracket

As we have mentioned before, there is plenty going on at the Finals outside the bracket, including a Guilty Gear Concert before the Strive Top 8. A custom festival to celebrate ASW as a whole and a chance to play the next character coming to Guilty Gear Strive!

Arc System Works is pulling out all the stops to make this world tour finals a memorable one for all fans of their games. From their lineup to the players in it, everybody is looking to make an impact. We can not wait to see how this 3-day festival turns out!

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