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Arc World Tour Results: Competitive Granblue In Europe & Japan

by Elvis Mack

Over the weekend, Arc World Tour had their first two spots for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. Cygames Cup in Japan and Kayane Cup in France. Both displayed various characters in their respective Top 8s and a look at their perspective metas.

As part of the Arc World Tour, these events were for a chance to qualify for the Arc World Tour 2023 Finals in March of this year. The Top 2 players from each event qualified for the Grand Finals.

Cygames Cup Special 2024

Tako celebrating winning Cygames Cup Special

Cygames Cup Special 2024 was a two-day tournament in Tokyo, Japan. The first day had many surprises, as Gamera, a 3 time EVO Champion, and Debagame, a former Cygames Cup Champion, were knocked out early in pool play. The second day had the top 8 players, with Tako, Tahichi, Tamai-san, and Rookies reaching the semifinals undefeated. Tako won the tournament with Nier, beating Tahichi and his Lancelot in the grand finals. Both players qualified for the ARC World Tour 2023 Finals.

PlacementPlayer Character
๐Ÿฅˆ 2ndFukunagaLancelot
๐Ÿฅ‰ 3rdTahichiMetera
5thIBUSHIGIN | RookiesSeox
7thPGW | RenSeox
7thAmaterasu | SCORELancelot
Cygames Cup Special 2024 Top 8

Kayane Cup

Kayane Cup came to a close with stage shot featuring Granblue Fantasy Productor,Tetsuya Fukuhara.
A shot at Cygames Cup featuring the Top 3, Kayane, and Granblue Fantasy Productor,Tetsuya Fukuhara

Kayane Cup was a one-day tournament that took place in Paris, France on January 21, 2024. We talked to Kayane last week about the event, it certainly didn’t disappoint. Nearly 270 players from Europe participated in the event, making it a good first look at the European scene.

The tournament was full of exciting matches and close calls, as some of the best players in the region battled for the coveted spots. Fitizen, Sonic-san, Dragoi, and TryKeaser made it to the top 4, while fan-favorites Socky, Eifi, Crownicles, and Dudeakoff finished in the top 8.

The grand finals were a thrilling showdown between the two finalists, who both showed great skill and adaptation in the Siegfried Mirror Match. Fitizen closed it out on the Final Game, Final Round of Game 10 of the Grand Finals Set, locking in the Kayane Cup Championship.

PlacementPlayer Character
๐Ÿฅˆ 2ndSonic-SanSiegfried
๐Ÿฅ‰ 3rdDragoiBelial | Lowain
7thDudeakoffSeox | Metera
Cygames Cup Special 2024 Top 8

The Finale

Cygames Cup Special 2024 and the Kayane Cup were great tournaments. They showed the high level and variety of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. Tako and Tahichi from Japan, and Fitizen and Sonic-san from Europe, made it to the ARC World Tour 2023 Finals. The next and final qualifying tournament is Frosty Faustings taking place in Chicago, USA, from January 25 to 28, 2024. The top 2 players will also go to the ARC World Tour 2023 Finals. The finals will be live on the Arc System Works Twitch channel. The Arc World Tour 2023 is a big event for anime fighting game fans. We can expect to see amazing matches and moments in the upcoming weeks.

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