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Battle Divas: Slay Mecha Pre-Registration now open!

by GameStart Asia

Singapore-based app developer and publisher Yatta! Play announced the start of global pre-
registration phase for its maiden Free-to-Play mobile game, Battle Divas: Slay Mecha. The sci-fi title will
launch soon worldwide on both Google Play (Android) and App Store (Apple).


In Battle Divas: Slay Mecha, players assume control of a team of newly graduated heroes who are tasked to
discover if the surface of planet Earth has finally become inhabitable, decades after a nuclear war poisoned
all living things. What they found was not a recovering paradise, but a wasteland inhabited with
unimaginable monstrosities…

Pre-registration link: https://www.yattaplay.com/battledivas

When all milestones are achieved, players can expect to obtain the many rewards in their accounts when
official global launch begins for Battle Divas: Slay Mecha. These includes premium currency, upgrade
materials, a full set of equipment, and many beneficial items.

Battle Divas: Slay Mecha is set to launch worldwide soon (except China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong,
Macau), with languages supported including English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. New
content has also been planned several months ahead, such as new heroes, equipment, game modes, and

Key game features

No Character Gacha – All heroes in Battle Divas can be obtained through gameplay progression. No
character gacha, no character shards, no selling of any characters!

Real Tactical Gameplay – Rather than just standing still like scarecrows and casting skills, players can actively
move their heroes on the battlefield grids. Trigger powerful abilities too!

Deep Equipment System – Over 400 different equipment parts to collect, including hero-specific and set
items which grant powerful and unique abilities!

Simplified Chinese (简体中文) and Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) languages are available via game settings
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