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Beatrix Brings Undying Spirit to Granblue Rising on May 23rd

by Elvis Mack

Beatrix is the last of the society squad (outside Ilsa) to Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. As a fan favorite character, a lot of hope coming from her announcement and release trailer. Now we finally, get to see the teammate of Eustace in action in this most recent gameplay trailer (turn on subtitles for English translation).

Beatrix Gameplay Trailer in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

Personality Shines

From her trailer, Beatrix oozes confidence in herself and in her sword, Embrasque. Funny enough, the sword gives the user the potential to get stronger with each fight, however at a cost of putting the user in multiple dangerous and unfortunate situations. However, Beatrix takes these experiences as motivation to get stronger and more power as the fight goes on.

This style translates into rising quite well. During the fight Beatrix fights like a normal shoto-like character with fireballs, an invincible dragon punch and a quick low reaching approach tool. She shines brightest however in the uses of her delta clock, a special mechanic that slows down your opponent’s hit duration longer than usual. We don’t know the exact details on how to make the clock activate, but it will lead to combos that is only unique to her.

Meanwhile, her personality shines through as a lot of work went into her personality. From her hurting her hand during a back throw, to the look of disbelief at the end of her super skybound art victory pose. She is the character people has been waiting for (and with good remix to boot of her character song from the mobile game).

Beatrix is looking to be a fun addition to the roster as a new way of the Shoto archetype for people looking for another option. While she won’t be playable at Combo Breaker, this weekend, we are sure players looking to optimize her strengths and show what the society is made of.

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