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Brussels Challenge 2024 Looks to Show Off the Strength of Europe

by Elvis Mack

This weekend, Brussels becomes the battleground for the world’s elite fighting game competitors as they converge for the Brussels Challenge Major Edition 2024. For many this is a chance to showcase the best that EU has to offer. However, there is more to the event than just country / regional pride. It’s a crucial challenger event on the Tekken World Tour 2024 and marks the first gold event on the Arc World Tour 2024. Big tournaments in 1 weekend that you don’t want to miss!

Big Names Arrival

Tokido will make his first appearance at Brussels Challenge 2024

While the event is schedule for huge events for Guilty Gear Strive, Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, and Tekken 8. There is also a huge Street Fighter 6 tournament with a few notable names including Problem-X and Tokido. Both preparing to make a impact at the start of the Capcom Pro Tour at EVO 2024.

Meanwhile, the event will also be home for players to earn points in their respective games. And with EVO Japan just wrapping up for both Granblue, Guilty Gear, and Tekken the focus on how Europe will adapt to the meta.

Europe has always been a strong scene for Tekken with players like Super Akouma, Kaneandtrench, and Jodd all in attendance. However, a lot of international talent are looking to steal points. These players include kkokkoma, Shadow 20z, and qudans to increase their point total.

Meanwhile, in the Arc World Tour 2024, players like Slash, Skyll and Leffen are looking to start the season well in Guilty Gear Strive and Dudeakoff, Socky, and Fitizen looking to get points in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. The season has only started with this only being the 2nd event of the tour. But, with only 8 slots for getting points and 100 going to the winner (as much as getting 2nd at a platinum event) the pressure is on.

Brussels Challenge 2024 will be a good showcase of current meta post EVO Japan. A lot of strategies most likely will develop into Combo Breaker later this month as well so keep an eye out for your favorites as they try to come out on top!

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