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Capcom Cup X Group Stage Preview: Who’s In The Death Pool?

by Elvis Mack

Next week, the most prestigious Street Fighter tournament in the world will kick off in Hollywood, California. Capcom Cup X is the first edition of the event to feature Street Fighter 6, the latest installment of the iconic fighting game series. 48 players from around the globe will compete for the title of the world’s best player and a share of the $1 million prize pool. However, last night we got our preview of the Capcom Cup X Groups!

Group Stage Format

The group stage of Capcom Cup X will take place from February 21 to 23, 2024. The 48 players are divided into eight groups of six, based on the regions they qualified from. Each group will play a round-robin format, with single rounds and best-of-three matches. The top two players from each group will advance to the finals, with 1st place going to the Winner’s Bracket and 2nd place going to the Loser’s Bracket, while the rest will be eliminated. Below are the groups for Capcom Cup X:

Groups for Capcom Cup X Provided By Cacpom
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup FGroup GGroup H
 JOE UMEROGANNephewNuckleDuMikexSnake EyezMenaRDSayffDual Kevin
Kawanoshaka22DCQNLFuudoNeroTheBoxerROFTravis Styles
GGHalibelBig BirdFandroidValmasterSamoelEndingWalkerGarnetJabhim
PhenomChris WongMister CrimsongachikunMyrkenAngryBirdRainproLCQ Winner

The Groups To Watch

Here are some of the groups that stand out:

  • Group A: Canada’s Joe Umerogan returns to Capcom Cup for the second time. He faces Crossover, the third Dominican Republic star who won the Central America East Regional Finals. Also in this group is Kawano, the Japanese Luke who dominated the online premier for Japan, one of the hardest events this year. The other contenders are Shadoken, GGHalibel, and Phenom.
  • Group C: NuckleDu, the Capcom Cup 2016 champion and a versatile player, faces Dookie, the South America West Premier winner from Argentina. Also in this group is DCQ, the China Premier winner who impressed in Street Fighter V, and Mister Crimson, a rare Dhalsim player. The other contenders are Bravery and Fandroid.
  • Group E: Snake Eyez, the Capcom Cup 2014 runner-up and a legendary Zangief player, faces NamikazeExTM, the Brazil Premier winner and a rising star. Also in this group is Fuudo, the Capcom Cup 2016 runner-up and one of the best DeeJays in the world. Versus Vortex’s Xian joins them, facing a gauntlet of DeeJays and a solo Zangief. The other contenders are Samoel and Myrken.
  • Group F: This group is the most stacked and unpredictable. It includes MenaRD, the two-time Capcom Cup champion and SFL finalist. He faces his training partner and SFL teammate, Caba, as well as NeroTheBoxer, Leshar, and EndingWalker, who have dominated their regions. Lastly, he meets AngryBird, who beat him at EVO, in the group stage. Only two of these six players will make it to Sunday.
  • Group H: The Last Chance Qualifier winner is the unknown factor in this group. The LCQ is an offline tournament, and it grants the winner the final spot in the Capcom Cup. The LCQ winner will face Rainpro, the UK-Ireland Premier winner, Kusanagi, the Central America West Premier winner, Travis Styles, the Oceania Premier winner, and Ren and Jabhim from South Africa. The LCQ winner may have momentum, but the other players have something to prove.

Who Takes It All?

These are the groups that will determine the fate of the 48 players who have qualified for Capcom Cup X. Only 16 of them will make it to the finals, where they will face off in a single-elimination bracket. Who will rise to the top and claim the title of the world’s best Street Fighter player? Who will fall short and miss their chance at glory? The answers will be revealed at Capcom Cup X finals that take place in Hollywood, California. Don’t miss this epic event, and tune in to the Capcom Fighters channel on YouTube and Twitch.

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