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Capcom Cup X Group Stage: Who Moves on To Top 16?

by Elvis Mack

After three days of grueling competition and upsets, Capcom Cup X, the official world tournament for Street Fighter 6, kicked off its group stage elimination. 48 players from around the world competed in eight groups of six, with the top two of each group advancing to the final bracket. Here are some of the highlights from the three-day event.

Group A: Phenom and Kawano Advances

While players like Joe Umerogan and Crossover, who was making his first ever Capcom Cup appearance, were strong. The favorites, Phenom and Kawano, came out on top of the group with Phenom in Winners and Kawano coming out on Losers only losing to Phenom.

Matches To Watch

  • Kawano vs. Joe Umerogan
  • Phenom vs. Crossover
  • GGHalibel vs. Shadoken

Group B: Chris Wong Dominates The Group

Chris Wong left and path in his awake going 5-0 in his group to advance in winners, however it is US’s own Nephew being 1 point in game differential over Big Bird to advance in Losers. This was the first huge upset of the tournament, as one of the group favorites leaves the tournament at the end of Day 3.

Matches to Watch

  • DespairKing vs. Big Bird
  • Chris Wong vs. Big Bird
  • Shaka22 vs. Chris Wong
  • DestroyGodz vs. DespairKing

Group C: Cammy Shocks The Group

While Cammy was only predicted to show up once in this group, NuckleDu showed his effectiveness with the character. With a combination of her and guile, he was able to make it out in Losers, only losing to DCQ’s JP on Day 3.

Matches To Watch

  • Bravery vs. Mister Crimson
  • NuckleDu vs. Dookie
  • DCQ vs. Mister Crimson
  • Fandroid vs. Bravery

Group D: Surprise Pick Causes A Shakeup

Group D had a lot of notable names including NL, Gachikun, Takamura, SolVNG, Mikex, and Valmaster. However, when Day 1&2 did not work out for Valmaster he went to a character nobody expected. Kimberly. That switch gave way to a 2-0 victory to Gachikun which make Day 3 a lot closer. However, Gachikun still pulled out of the group in Winners while NL makes it out in the Losers Bracket.

Matches To Watch

  • NL vs. Gachikun
  • Takamura vs. Valmaster
  • Valmaster vs. Gachikun
  • NL vs. Mikex

Group E: Gief SPDed Into People’s Hearts

Snake Eyez is a fan-favorite for many in the fighting game community due to his character choice of Zangief. A character who is usually not strong in his games. But, Snake Eyez was to be feared in this group with wins over Samoel, Namikaze and Myrken. However, he was stopped by the two Dee Jays who left the group with Golden Guardian’s Xian in Winners and Beast’s Fuudo in Losers.

Matches To Watch

  • Xian vs Fuudo
  • Samoel vs Namikaze
  • Xian vs Namikaze
  • Fuudo vs Myrken
  • Snake Eyez vs Xian

Group F: The Group Of Death Makes New Names and Send Home Favorites

If you told people before the start of groups that AngryBird would not move on to Top 16 they would not believe you, but after losing to MenaRD, Leshar and Caba and close matches from Ending Walker and NeroTheBoxer, who made a huge name almost eliminating MenaRD. The EVO 2023 Champion exits the biggest Street Fighter tournament at the group stage.

Matches To Watch

  • MenaRD vs Ending Walker
  • MenaRD vs Angry Bird
  • NeroTheBoxer vs. MenaRD
  • EndingWalker vs. Caba
  • Leshar vs. MenaRD
  • (Honestly the entire group)

Group G: Competitive till the End

Group G was a group of surprises, with UMA and Sayff advancing to the final bracket over favorite Rainpro. While ROF was already eliminated, he put up a strong fight to in his final match to show the world that the Australian FGC is a force to be reckoned with.

Matches To Watch

  • Uma vs. ROF
  • Juninho-Ras vs. Sayff
  • Rainpro vs Garnet
  • Uma vs Rainpro
  • Sayff vs. Uma

Group H: Unpredictable

Group H was the last and most unpredictable group with the inclusion of the LCQ Winner, Problem X. However, it was Mexico’s Kusanagi and US’s Dual Kevin making it out of the group with strong performances from South America as well as our LCQ Winner. The final match between Travis and Kusanagi saved Kusanagi not only from elimination, but also moving into winners.

Matches To Watch

  • Kusanagi vs. Ren
  • Travis Styles vs. JabhiM
  • JabhiM vs. Ren
  • Problem X vs. Kusanagi
  • Travis Styles vs. Kusanagi

Final Bracket

Top 16 Winners Side
Top 16 Losers Side

The final bracket will take place on February 25, 2024, where the first champion of Street Fighter 6 will be crowned. Who will win the $1 million prize and the title of the best player in the world? Don’t miss the live stream on the Capcom Fighters channel!

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