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Capcom Cup X: No New Reveals In The Show

by Elvis Mack

Capcom has confirmed that there will be no new gameplay or content reveals at Capcom Cup X, the final tournament for Street Fighter 6 in this year’s Capcom Pro Tour. While, the event will take place on February 16-25, in Burbank, CA, USA, and will feature 32 of the best players from around the world competing for the title of the first Street Fighter 6 Capcom Cup Champion. Many were looking forward to seeing the future of the title, including new characters and content.

Capcom’s Statement

Capcom’s Official Statement as posted on Social Media

In a statement posted on their Street Fighter official X Account, Capcom said:

Congratulations to the talented players who will be competing to be the first Street Fighter 6 Capcom Cup Champion!” begins Capcom’s statement. “As we will be focused on the competition at hand, we’d like to provide advance notice that there won’t be any new gameplay or content reveals at Capcom Cup X. However, there will be more eSports news coming at Capcom Cup X, so stay tuned!

Capcom / Street Fighter

And with the release of Ed coming up in 2 weeks and his gameplay trailer coming out last week, a statement like this is not that unexpected. It does suggest that Capcom has something else in store for the fans of their esports scene, maybe outside the Capcom Cup and Street Fighter League, but did not reveal any details.

Fans’ Reactions

Custom Street Fighter 6 Art to prepare for Capcom Cup X by Capcom

The announcement has received mixed reactions from the fans of Street Fighter. Some fans expressed their disappointment and frustration, as they were hoping to see new characters, stages, modes, or features for Street Fighter 6 at Capcom Cup. They also criticized Capcom for being too slow and secretive with their updates and communication since the game’s release in June of last year. Since that time, the game has had very little balance updates and hasn’t been touched as much as people would have liked.

Other fans, however, defended Capcom’s decision and praised them for focusing on the quality and stability of the game, rather than rushing out new content that might be buggy or unbalanced. They also argued that Capcom Cup X should be about celebrating the competitive aspect of Street Fighter 6, rather than expecting new announcements. Plus has mentioned with the release of Ed only in a few weeks, people already sees a bright future for the roster.

What CAN we expect at Capcom Cup X?

Capcom Cup Schedule

Despite the lack of new gameplay or content reveals, Capcom Cup X is still an exciting and entertaining event for the fans of Street Fighter and fighting games in general. The tournament will showcase the highest level of play and skill from the top players of Street Fighter 6, who have qualified through various regional and global events throughout the year.

Capcom Cup X will be streamed live on Capcom’s official Twitch and YouTube channels, as well as on various other platforms and languages. For more information on the event, visit the official Capcom Pro Tour website.

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