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Capcom Pro Tour 2024: Everything You Need To Know

by Elvis Mack

The Capcom Pro Tour 2024 format is about to kick off for Street Fighter 6. The best players from around the world will compete to be one of 48 players to be in the finals at Capcom Cup 11. The format is a little different from previous years. So, we will be breaking down everything you need to know about the tour. Let’s talk about what is new with Street Fighter 6’s biggest event.


Capcom Pro Tour 2024 is separated by 4 ways to qualify to the finals at Capcom Cup 11. Premier Events are major events throughout the year. The winner of each premier event qualifies for Capcom Cup. In addition, new to this year is the Super Premiers. Super Premier are even bigger events hosted by Capcom themselves. These take place in Singapore and Japan and the Top 2 placers will qualify for Capcom Cup. Making super premier major chances for your favorite players to make it to the finals as they only need to make grand finals.

Premier Event Schedule

EventLocationEvent TypeDate
EVO 2024United StatesPremierJuly 19-21
Cream City ConvergenceUnited StatesPremierAugust 24
Ultimate Fighting ArenaFrancePremierSeptember 13-15
East Coast ThrowdownUnited StatesPremierOctober 11-13
Super Premier SingaporeSingaporeSuper PremierOctober 18-20
Super Premier JapanJapanSuper PremierNovember 2-3
Blink RespawnDominican RepublicPremierNovember 8-10
Kings of the WorldUnited KingdomPremierDecember 13-15
Premier Events on the Capcom Pro Tour 2024

The other way to qualify is by the World Warrior system. Returning for another appearance, but with some new changes. Starting on July 2024 till January, 24 regions including 14 super regions will have various tournaments in their region. The best players from each region will qualify for the regional finals. The winner of each regional final will qualify for Capcom Cup proper. However, this year has Super Regions where the first place players will automatically qualify for Capcom Cup and the remain players from there play in the regional finals. Giving players who are the strongest in their region more chances to qualify ala the World Warrior.

All World Warrior Regions (Pink Is a Super Region)

AsiaOceaniaSouth America EastEurope North / East
Asia EastBrazilUK / IrelandMiddle East
South KoreaCentral America EastFrance / MonacoSouth Africa
JapanCentral America WestSpain / PortugalUS / Canada East
Asia South EastMexicoEurope WestUS / Canada Midwest
Asia SouthSouth America WestGermanyUS / Canada West
All 24 Regions in the Capcom Pro Tour World Warrior Event

In addition, they made a few changes to the world warrior point rankings, the world warrior system only counts your best 3 events from the 5 possible in each region. So, it’s now possible for players who missed one event due to personal reasons to still have a spot in the finals. On the event of a tie, they will use a tiebreaker to figure out who will take their respective placements.

Regional Finals Bracket based on placement on the ladderboard


1-million-dollar cash prize for the winner of Capcom Cup 11

Prize pools make up a huge foundation of the fighting game community. Leading players to make dreams a reality being able to make a living by playing their favorite games. This year, Capcom is looking to make that dream even sweeter by adding prize pools for each premier event with the exceptions being EVO 2024 and Super Premier Japan. You can check the prize pools for each below:

PlacementSuper Premier SingaporePremier Events (Outside EVO 2024 / Super Premier Japan)Regional Finals (Outside of Brazil)Capcom Cup 11
5th – 6th$700$500$10,000
7th – 8th$500$300$5,000
9th – 12th$4,000
13th – 16th$3,000
17th – 24th$2,000
25th – 32nd$1,750
33rd – 48th$1,500
Prize Distibution for the Capcom Pro Tour (in USD)

The Capcom Pro Tour 2024 format looks to make it more access for top players to make it to the finals at Capcom Cup 11. With various offline events to attend, a new format of the world warriors and the introduction of the super regions, players have more chances than ever to reach that 1-million-dollar cash prize. Tune in here to Versus Vortex as we will be tracking every step of the Capcom Pro Tour 2024 from start to finish.

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