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Combo Breaker Numbers Kicks Off the Big Three Massively

by Elvis Mack

The anticipation is palpable as the fighting game community braces itself for the ultimate clash at Combo Breaker 2024. With registration numbers skyrocketing, this year’s event promises to be an event to remember. With 2 games over one thousand players and almost every game being over 100 players. Let’s talk about all the numbers and what they represent.

Final Numbers

With the final numbers of Combo Breaker 2024 locked in it there is some interesting notes to point out.

Tekken 8 takes the number 1 slot with 1,620 players over Street Fighter 6 at 1,432, the only two games over one thousand entrants. It could be the case of Combo Breaker being the 2nd second master event on the Tekken World Tour or just purely due to its prestige. However, Tekken 8 on a rise despise the hiccups of the game since release.

Meanwhile, Guilty Gear, Granblue, and Under Night is also very high with 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively. The consistency of Guilty Gear number is amazing for the 2021 title. With 3 years under its belt, it is still holding as the strongest anime games and fighting games in the community. Meanwhile the resurgence of Granblue has been nothing short of amazing as it shot from 11th place in 2023 to 4th this year. The introduction of rollback and cross play played a huge factor and making Granblue a game you don’t want to miss. Finally, Under Night has always been passionate in terms of fanbase. The game is going into its first year, but the momentum from UNICLR hasn’t dropped. Even with the love that came from Melty Blood people grew its passion for French Bread is in Under Night. It will be amazing to see this game reach new heights at Combo Breaker.

24 Players will win one of these Combo Breaker Trophies

Even though those in the top 5 have a lot to stay that doesn’t mean every game has notable results. A capped mystery game tournament is never surprising for Combo Breaker. However, only 5 games are under 100 entrants in a roster of 24. More fighting games is played by every player. And favorites are still being played ever in a small fandom. If you are ever a fan of any of these titles now is a perfect time to jump in.

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