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Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour – Everything You Need To Know

by Elvis Mack

Yesterday, we talked about the announcement of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour and a patch coming later this year. Today we will go into more detail about how to qualify for the finals for all the players looking to qualify. With the addition of rollback netcode there is more ways to go to the finals than ever before.


Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Format Split Between Two Sections

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour is split between the offline world tour and the online challenge. The offline world tour will work just like the tour in previous years. There will be various events around the world, the best players who place to score high enough in global leaderboard advance to the finals. They also added that the winner of EVO 2024 for Dragon Ball FighterZ will automatically qualify for the finals as well. Those 14 players will be joined by 2 players from the last chance qualifier to make the Top 16 players.

New to this year is the online challenge. The online challenge will be online tournaments based on the 6 regions of the world tour. The best player from each region not qualified by the offline world tour is entered into the last chance qualifier. Meaning that each region will have a player from their region to fight for one of the two spots in the finals. This gives players who can’t travel to every event a way to make it to the finals. This addition made all in thanks to the rollback netcode will be very fun to see as the tour unfolds.

Offline Events

While we do not have any info about the online challenge, the offline world tour locations have been revealed for Power+ and Power Events. You can see the full list of all the events below:

Power Events on the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour

In addition, the Tenkaichi events also return. Community members who wish to join the tour can submit their events. If approved, their event will add points for players to go and support their locals. The points distributed is based on the number of players at the event. You can see the full leaderboard for the global leaderboard here.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour format fits both offline and online players. Letting players decide which way they want to play to qualify for the world finals. Bandai Namco is supporting 6 year fighting game and the pro tour is a way to show appreciation for the support for the game. We had various champions in the past few years of the tour. Will we finally get our first respect champion or will someone claim a new spot on the throne. Only time will tell.

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