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Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals: A New Champion Crowned

by Elvis Mack

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals 2023-2024 concluded on January 28, 2024, in Los Angeles, California, with a thrilling grand final between Hikari and Wade. Hikari, the Evo 2023 DBFZ champion, emerged victorious after a dominant performance, securing his second major title in a row and become the third person behind Go1 and Wawa to win EVO and the world tour finals in the same year.

Final Results

Final Moments of the Tournament

Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals Results
1stHikariJiren | Android 17 | Adult Gohan
Gogeta (SSGSS) | Vegito (SSGSS)
2ndIziDream | WadeCell | Hit | Android 18 | Kefla | Android 21
3rdKayneVegeta (SSGSS) | Goku (GT) | Tien
4thInzemCell | Vegeta | Android 18
5thNGNL Esports | ZaneAndroid 21 | Zamasu (Fused) | Beerus
5thKasugaKefla | Android 21 | Android 18
7thLucarVidel | Android 21 | Android 16
7thIkoanAndroid 21 | Goku (SSGSS) | Gotenks
Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals Top 8

Group Stage & Top 8

The World Tour Finals was the culmination of a year-long series of tournaments that featured some of the best players from around the world. The finalists were Hikari, Yasha, Ikoan, GarlicBread, LegendaryyPred, Wade, Zane, Kayne, Kasuga, Lucar, OBAssassin, and Inzem, who won the last chance qualifier. They were divided into four groups that played in a round-robin format, with the top two players from each group advancing to the playoffs.

Hikari, who represented the United States, was placed in Group C along with Kayne and OBAssassin. He lost his first match against Kayne, but was able to secure second place in the group, getting a 2-0 win over OBAssassin. However, he faced a tough challenge in the first round of the playoffs, where he met Lucar, the second place finisher from Group A. Lucar pushed Hikari to the limit, but Hikari managed to clutch out a 2-1 victory and moved on to the lower bracket quarterfinals.

There, he faced west coast favorite and hometown hero, Zane, the winner of Group D. Zane had a strong showing in the group stage, defeating both INZEM and LegendaryyPred only dropping a game. However, proved to be too strong as he prevailed 3-2 and advanced to the lower semifinals.

Top 4

After a quick 2-0 against the LCQ winner Inzem, Hikari’s opponent in the lower bracket finals was Kayne, who had a remarkable run in the playoffs. Kayne, who represented France, finished first in Group C and was the case of Hikari’s run in the lower bracket. He then defeated Kasuga 2-1 in the upper bracket semifinals, but fell to Wade 3-0 in the upper bracket finals, looking to make the grand finals a france only match. Kayne and Hikari had a very close rematch of their group stage encounter, but this time, Hikari came out on top and won 3-2, earning a spot in the grand finals.

The grand finals was a showdown between Hikari and Wade, who had an impressive performance throughout the tournament and looking to take the trophy that narrowly avoided him last year. Wade topped Group B with wins over Ikoan and GarlicBread without losing a game. He then defeated Zane 2-0 in the upper bracket semifinals, and Kayne 3-0 in the upper bracket finals. Wade had the advantage of coming from the upper bracket, meaning he only needed to win one set to become the champion, while Hikari had to win two sets.

However, Hikari showed no signs of fatigue or pressure, and played with confidence and skill. He reset the bracket with a convincing 3-1 win over WADE, and then took the tournament with a 3-0 in the decisive set, becoming the undisputed champion of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals 2023-2024. Hikari demonstrated his mastery of the game, using a variety of characters and strategies to overcome his opponents. He also proved his consistency and dominance, winning two major tournaments in a row, with winning Evolution 2023 and the world tour finals in the same year.

A True Champion

Hikari holding up the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Championship Trophy

Hikari’s victory was celebrated by his fans and fellow players, who congratulated him on his achievement. He also received a trophy for his efforts.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals 2023-2024 was a spectacular event that showcased the high level of play and passion of the Dragon Ball FighterZ community. The tournament also featured some announcements from the developers, such as the upcoming implementation of rollback netcode and the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game. The fans were excited and hopeful for the future of Dragon Ball FighterZ, and eagerly awaited the next season of competition.

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