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Early Tekken 8 Character Distribution: Who Shines Brightest?

by Elvis Mack

Tekken 8 has been out for a little over a week now. While many have enjoyed it, there are a few characters that are standing above the rest in terms of playability. While many are using the new characters, many are using returning favorites, and it is hard to gauge who is popular at a glance. However, someone has taken steps to find a solution that is easy to digest.

AlietteFaye, the creator of the “Out of the Blue” webtoon series and twitch streamer, has recently been doing rank and character distribution for various fighting games. The one we like to highlight today, however, is the character distribution on the Steam version of Tekken 8.

The Tekken 8 Character Popularity Infographic by AlietteFaye

The Chart

As expected, Reina is the most played character in the Warrior rank or higher in Tekken 8. She impressed many players with her skills and personality, and her connections to other characters in the story. She easily secured the first place slot. The other newcomers are also doing well, with Victor and Azucena making it to the Top 10.

On the other hand, characters like Claudio, Jack-8, Kuma, Xiaoyu, Nina, Raven, Leroy, Shaheen, Zafina, and Panda are less popular among the players. This might not reflect their strength, but it could affect their player count.

The online Tekken 8 character usage stats reveal some interesting trends and preferences among the players. The newcomers, Reina, Victor, and Azucena, have quickly gained popularity and rank among the top 10 most used characters. This suggests that the developers have successfully introduced new and appealing fighters to the roster. On the other hand, some of the classic and iconic characters, such as Panda, Nina, and Jack-8, have fallen out of favor and are rarely seen online. This could indicate that these characters need some adjustments or buffs to compete with the newer ones. The online stats also reflect the diversity and balance of the Tekken 8 cast, as no single character dominates the usage rate or the win rate. The online stats are likely to change over time, as players discover new strategies, techniques, and counterpicks. However, for now, they provide a useful snapshot of the current state of the game and the community.

To find out more about various character and rank distributions in various fighting games, be sure to check out AlietteFaye’s X Account and give them a follow.

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