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Ed Gameplay Trailer: The Evolution to Classic Inputs

by Elvis Mack

Ed was first introduced in Street Fighter V and with him came a new play style similar to current modern controls. However, with his addition into Street Fighter 6 his gameplay and motion changed, however that didn’t stop Capcom keeping his style in-tact and enhanced as he proves he’s no longer anybody’s pawn as soon in Ed Gameplay Trailer below.

New Inputs

Ed is a unique character in the Street Fighter series, as he combines boxing and psycho-power abilities. He first appeared as a playable character in Street Fighter V, where he had a simplified control scheme that used button inputs instead of motion inputs. This made him easy to use for beginners, but also limited his options and creativity.

In Street Fighter 6, Ed has been redesigned to have both Modern and Classic controls. Modern controls are similar to his Street Fighter V inputs, where he can perform special moves by pressing two punches or two kicks with a directional input. Classic controls, on the other hand, give him more traditional motion inputs, such as quarter-circle and dragon-punch motions. This allows him to have more variety and flexibility in his combos and strategies.

New Move Set

Ed in his Outfit 2, which will release alongside him

Ed’s move set has also changed from Street Fighter V to Street Fighter 6 with his normal more akin to his mentor, Balrog (or M.Bison in the Japanese Version) promoting more punches than kicks. He has a new special move called Psycho Flicker, which is a fast jab that can be followed up with different attacks depending on if you hold the button. He also has his old V-Trigger 1 in the form of his Level 2 Super Art, Psycho Cannon, where he generates a multi-hitting ball of psycho power that moves forward.

Ed is a character that can appeal to different types of players, depending on their preferred control scheme and play style. He is a fast and aggressive boxer that can pressure his opponents with his psycho-power and his flicker jabs. He is also a character that has a lot of potential and room for improvement, as he is still learning to master his abilities and his identity. We can’t wait to see how Ed is as a character in Street Fighter 6.

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