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Ed Teaser Trailer: The Boy Wonder is Back

by Elvis Mack

Ed, who grew from a potential substitute body for M. Bison to a confident fighter, was one of the highlights of Street Fighter V. In the latest Street Fighter 6 trailer, he showed his skill and personality in a Subway fight.

Who Is Ed?

Ed is a character who debuted in Super Street Fighter 4. He was a child experiment of M. Bison, who wanted to use him as a spare body. He was rescued by Balrog, the boxer and former member of Shadaloo. Balrog taught Ed how to fight with his fists, and Ed also developed his own Psycho Power abilities. He later formed Neo Shadaloo with Falke, another experiment of M. Bison, and vowed to liberate other victims of M. Bison.

Maturity Shows

Ed has matured since his debut in Street Fighter V, both in his fighting style and his attitude. He learned from Balrog how to move and fight with ease, even when the ground is shaking on a moving subway. He also learned to be more compassionate, as he prevented an innocent bystander (like our main character from World Tour) from getting hurt while having his general ego in the process.

Ed using Psycho Snatcher to catch a enemy

Gameplay Previews

Ed’s gameplay also has some new features, such as his Psycho Snatcher, which can pull him or his opponent closer. He also has a move that lets him sway behind his opponent, which was his super in Street Fighter V. These moves suggest that Ed has more options for mobility and mix-ups in the new game.

Ed doges behind his opponent for the next attack

Ed is a character that has a lot of potential and personality to expand upon in the Street Fighter Universe, and we can’t wait to see more of him in Street Fighter 6 when he releases in February!

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