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Eddy Gordo Picks Up The Pace To Tekken 8 on April 2nd

by Elvis Mack

During today session of Tekken Talk a lot of focus was put into the newest character coming to Tekken 8 being Eddy Gordo. This brazilian master of capoeira is bringing his unique style of fighting as the first DLC character to the newest game in the tekken franchise. He doesn’t come alone however as there is plenty of things to look forward to on April 2nd with his release.

The 3rd Update

Included in the release of Eddy Gordo will be the 3rd Major Update for Tekken 8. In this update they changed some behavior of moves of characters for unintended move behaviors. They made sure to note that no changes to the battle system was made, but it was in the works and intended to be released in 1.04 following EVO Japan 2024. You can read the full patch notes in their entirely here.

1.04 will also feature character balance changes, but more focused on characters who haven’t been able to show their full potential. However, changes to characters and moves that are overwhelming will also come as well.

Most Used Characters in Tekken 8

Eddy Release Date & Gameplay

The highlight of the Tekken Talk was featuring Eddy. Players who has the season pass will have access to him on April 2nd. Meanwhile he will be available for the rest of the player base on April 5th as a separate purchase. You can check out the full breakdown of Eddy in the video below:

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