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Esports World Cup Format Explained

by Elvis Mack

Over the past two days, Esports World Cup announced ways to qualify for both Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8. One thing they also released was the format for the finals in Riyadh and today we will explain how the 32 players in each game will go down to 1.

Group Stage

A look at Stage 1 in the Esports World Cup Format

We start with the 32 players who qualified from various tournaments and split them into 8 double elimination brackets in a GSL Style format, standardized by the Global StarCraft II League. The 4 players in each group will play a mini pool where the players who win 2 matches will move on to the next stage. The players that went 0-2 and 1-2 is eliminated.

Explanation of Stage 2 in the Esports World Cup Format

In Stage 2, the GSL Format returns again with a new set of 4 groups. However, the groups are split between the placements of the last stage results. For example, Group A’s first place will fight Group D’s second place and so on. Same rules apply, if you win 2 matches you proceed to the Top 8.

Single Elimination?!?!

Top 8 of the finals will be a single elimination bracket where only 1 player moves on from each match. However, the sets will be a First to 5 (Best of 9). This allows peoples to adjust to their opponent as they only have one shot before elimination.

Top 8 Rules for Esports World Cup

By the end of the single elimination bracket we will crown our Esports World Cup Champion and the prize winnings of $300,000 (USD).

Club Championship

One final thing we need to mention is the Club Championship. Throughout all 20 games there will be clubs who is trying to gain points in the club championship. If a player / team makes Top 8 in a respective game, they will gain points for the club. The club with the most points at the end of the EWC is awarded 7 million dollars. However, there is some one specific rule that is worth mentioning. The club must win at least one game out of the 20 to win the championship.

With the start of the EWC slowly approaching in 2 months, a lot of action will be taking place in the fighting game scene. Stay tuned with us at Versus Vortex for all the updates and news before the event in Riyadh.

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