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EVO 2024 Lineup Predictions: Bloo’s Picks for Vegas

by Elvis Mack

With the EVO Announcement Show set to premiere in just a short few hours, I like to throw my hat into the ring. Many are wondering what games will make the 2024 lineup and I think while there are many that are locks, we have a few speculations on others. Let’s go through every potential game and see what is their chances with the EVO 2024 lineup predictions.

100% Locks

Street Fighter 6 has been on the forefront of everybody’s mind, especially since Capcom Cup X in just two weeks. In addition, characters like Ed and Akuma are soon to make their debut in the newest Capcom fighting game. Finally, with over seven thousand players at EVO 2023 (by far the highest turnout for one game in EVO history) there is no doubt in my mind that SF6 will be at EVO 2024.

The latest edition of the Tekken series has gone off to a very strong start with many liking the new mechanics and characters added to the series with the likes of Reina and Azucena. Tekken has always had a good home at EVO as the premier 3D fighting game alongside Soul Calibur and Virtua Fighter, however as those two series as well as Dead or Alive kind of in a bit of a stand still I believe Tekken will be the only 3D fighter in Vegas this summer. However, my question is, will it surpass the seven thousand players from EVO 2023? Only time will tell.

The latest edition of the Mortal Kombat Series is the last of the big 3 fighting game franchises to make its appearance known at EVO 2024. While many are getting used to the new assist mechanics or waiting for their kharacter, there is still a very large fan base of the series and many still enjoys the core gameplay and pace of the title and with characters like Peacemaker, Homelander, Quan Chi and Takeda still on the way there is still many looking forward to seeing what comes out from the newest titles for Netherrealm Studios.

Most Likely

The latest game from Arc System Works is the premier game for the Anime Fighting Game Community. Guilty Gear Strive has always had some highest turnouts in the past few years and always growing with new talents showing their skills. Going into Year 3 of the title and fan favorites Johnny and Elphelt filling out the roster with more to come and to be revealed at Arc World Tour Finals next month, this could be the strongest year for competition in the backyard.

SNK has been new content and features to the latest entry in The King of Fighters tournament. The new advanced strike added a new way to interact with adds a new dynamic to gameplay and with big events for the game on the way like the SNK World Championship and also news for Fatal Fury: City Of The Wolves there is always space for the fighter with 3v3 teams.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising has been sweeping the Fighting Game Community since release. With really high turns at various events, community support, and a slot at Arc World Tour Finals. The addition of favorites in the series like Zane and Beatrix and a very huge guest character in 2B. It has a chance to overtake Guilty Gear as the biggest anime game at the show.

Revealed at EVO 2023, Under Night In-Birth II Sys:Celes has been a long-awaited sequel for the beloved franchise. It was many’s introduction to French Bread, the developers of Melty Blood, in a more controlled ground based environment. With the game now released and while having a rocky PC release, many are very happy. However, with the evo lineup recently only having 8 games, I do wonder there will be room for the game. We do believe UNI2 will be there, but of what matter remains.


The 3v3 fighting game by Arc System Works has a long history at EVO. From its storied rivalry between SonicFox vs. Go1, to the battle of regions with US vs France. However, the game has reached it’s 6th anniversary and with no updates (outside of Rollback Netcode) in sight. We have our doubts about the legendary super saiyan making a return, but we love to be proven wrong.

Melty Blood is on the outside looking in with EVO 2024. While having good showings at both EVO’s they do share a similar fan base with Under Night In-Birth. While there are many still supporting the game, like the Panic Shield Anonymous Circuit in the US, we believe this year will be Under Night’s time to shine.

Super Smash Bros has always been a weird one at EVO. Ever since the statement in 2022 about the title not being at that lineup, we haven’t seen anything since. Now the smash community is bigger than ever before, so never say never. However, we do wonder if those games will ever appear again on the EVO stage.

Retro Title

Starting last year, EVO has been introducing the retro title. A game from the past who will get a year to shine once again on the EVO stage. In 2023, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 made a big splash, being the 4th highest game in the lineup. At EVO Japan, to celebrate the 25th anniversary, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike was added to the roster. This year at EVO 2024 we have two options in my opinion.

With a balance patch added late in 2023 and many players playing it once again, it feels like a resurgence at EVO 2024 is possible. The game also reaching its 10th anniversary last year and with support from fans, we could be hearing ULTRA one more time on the biggest stage.

With Blazblue’s 15th Anniversary ongoing, many are spectating what is next with Team Blue. EVO also holds a special place in Blazblue fans as this will be the 10th anniversary of the legendary Galileo vs Dogura Grand Finals at EVO 2014. With players opening their own tournament series and call for a new game being louder than ever. Maybe the wheels of fate will turn in Las Vegas.

No matter what games make it, we are excited to see what is coming to EVO 2024 announcement show. The stream will go live on February 6, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. EST on the official EVO Twitch and YouTube channels. Don’t miss this exciting event that will showcase the best of the fighting game community and culture. Tune in tonight and get ready for EVO 2024!

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