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EVO 2024 Registration Numbers Revealed

by Elvis Mack

EVO 2024 is only a few weeks away and going into this year we already knew about the record-breaking event. However, we did not know how much of each game represented that over 10K unique entrants, until now. Yesterday, EVO released the final numbers for each main game at the event and there are many things to note.

Final Count

Final EVO 2024 Registration Numbers Leaderboard

EVO 2024 registration clocks in with a total of 16,252 bracket entries between the eight games. Out of 16K, 10,240 of them are players themselves making the other 6K players who entered more than 1 game. Surprisingly to us, Street Fighter 6 maintains its first-place position with 5,265 players compared to second place Tekken 8 with 4,646. This is a new record for the Tekken franchise as they have never had this many players for EVO. This is also a big achievement for Guilty Gear Strive, which clocks in for their 3rd straight appearance above 2K entrants at EVO. For an anime game this shows that Guilty Gear has stood a place in time as the strongest anime fighter currently.

Some more surprises come in with Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising at 1,377, another franchise record. Granblue was hit hard due to the pandemic in 2020. However, it has always been a top 4 in major events since the release of rising and it continues to grow even today. We cannot wait to see how the community squares off at EVO.

Third Strike Stood the Test of Time

Coming not too far away is Street Fighter 3: Third Strike at 1,101 entrants. Making it the biggest game in the game’s history once again marking a huge wave for the 25th anniversary of the game. It seems like the retro showcase game will always have a high placement in the EVO rankings and we are all for it.

UNI2, MK1 and KOFXV rounds off the final 3 games at 785,645, and 375 respectively. While a record high for Under Night In-Birth many wonder about the placement for Mortal Kombat as this is the first year for Mortal Kombat 1 as well as the future for King of Fighters given Fatal Fury is on the horizon. However, I don’t think these numbers should bring alarm to either community as these are still strong showings for both games.

EVO 2024 begins on July 19-21st in Las Vegas in the Las Vegas Convention Center full of action of all these titles and more thanks to the community showcase. Stay tuned to Versus Vortex and all our social media as we will be preparing for the biggest tournament of the year.

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