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EVO Japan 2024: Registration Numbers and Schedule

by Elvis Mack

EVO Japan 2024 is just about a month away and many are looking forward to seeing the best players from Japan and internationally compete in some of the biggest games of the year. And just today, we learned the evo japan 2024 final registration numbers for each game and the lineup for the Top 6 finals for each title as well. Let’s dive into the final numbers and see what that represents going into EVO Japan and even further with EVO Vegas.

The Big 4

EVO Japan Final Registration Numbers for 2024 provided by EVO

As the numbers above show, Street Fighter 6 has the highest turnout at over four thousand players. Making this tournament the biggest Street Fighter tournament in Japan. As a result, it will be ending EVO Japan at the primetime slot on Monday, April 29th.

Tekken 8 takes second place with an impressive one thousand players milestone as well. Added to the fact that EVO Japan is a Master+ event in the Tekken World Tour and it makes this Tekken tournament a must watch for the first look at international competition. Rightfully taking the sub-main event slot on finals day.

Guilty Gear Strive and Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising both were in a close race throughout the registration with Strive edging out by 100 entrants. While Strive takes the opening slot on Monday, it shows promise for both games going into EVO Vegas. With a patch release upcoming in Rising and Strive release of A.B.A. Added to the fact, that Arc World Tour 2024 kicks off at EVO Japan. Things are looking bright for these two fighters.

Strong Showings Overall

Meanwhile, the other three games still had good performances. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike turned out four hundred entrants as a retro title. King of Fighters XV still was close behind only ten entrants behind with a lot of momentum following SNK Finals. And Finally, Under Night In-Birth II for it’s first EVO appearance has a strong 300 entrants. All 7 of these games will also be in attendance at EVO Vegas where more turnout for each game is expected.

EVO Japan 2024 final registration numbers are a bright sign that EVO Japan is growing as an event. With various demos for games as well as premiere action with pro tour implications. This is one event you cannot miss as a fighting game fan. Stay tuned here on Versus Vortex for a preview as we get closer to the event.

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