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Evo Japan 2024 Results: A New FGC Season Begins

by Elvis Mack

EVO Japan 2024 has come to a close and with it brings 7 new EVO Champions. Over the past 3 days players from all over the world come to Tokyo to fight for the title. There was a lot of buzz for Street Fighter 6, Tekken 8, Guilty Gear Strive and many others where the best of Japan shined. Today we will be going through each game and talking about the champions.

Kyo Wins Under Night In-Birth II with a Popular Character

Ryo holding the $1 million Yen Check, Screenshot via Evo

The debut of the newly released Under Night In-Birth II was an exciting one. Players from Japan looked to be the first player to qualify for the Arc World Tour finals next year. There were many debates over the past week about who is the strongest character in the game, however the champion made a new claim for a character people overlooked. Gordeau is debated by many to be not strong in this version of the game as a lot of his options were changed. However, Kyo and Crimson Crusader were not deterred from using him. In the end, they made the top 2 making the finals a mirror match with Kyo on top. Kyo will be the first name on the Arc World Tour Finals lineup for UNI2 and we can’t wait to see who is next to qualify.

Under Night In-Birth II [Sys:Celes]: Evo Japan 2024 Results

PlacePlayerCharacterPrize Money (¥ JPY)
1stKyoGordeau¥ 1,000,000
2ndCrimson CrusaderGordeau¥ 450,000
3rdCROWMerkava¥ 250,000
4thIssacHyde¥ 140,000
5thHishigata | oushuu-hittouNanase | Seth¥ 80,000
7thClearlamp | TomioByakuya

E.T Finally Wins King of Fighters XV

E.T holding the $1 million Yen Check, Screenshot via Evo

In KoF E.T was always the bridesmaid but never the bride. With multiple appearances at EVO for King of Fighters XV including a second-place finish at EVO Las Vegas in both 2022 and 2023. However, this tournament was his time as he finally gets his 1st place victory taking it over the favorites Laggia after winning SNK World Championship and Xiaohai after repeated matches that led to a 1v1 with Isla for both players. Xiaohai is still one of the best to ever touch a SNK title, but for the time being this was E.T night and it was a well fought and deserved.

The King of Fighters XV: Evo Japan 2024 Results

PlacePlayerCharacterPrize Money (¥ JPY)
1stE.TClark | Geese | Isla¥ 1,000,000
2ndXiaohaiGeese | Benimaru | Isla¥ 450,000
3rdM’Geese | Benimaru | Isla¥ 250,000
4thMadkofGeese | Heidern | Goenitz¥ 140,000
5thSCORE | PineappleO. Yashiro | Chizuru | Heidern
Ángel | Shun’ei | Goenitz
¥ 80,000
7thmok | LaggiaShun’ei | Isla | Kukri
Yashiro | Ryo | Sylvie

Sho Shows Their Strength of Yun in Third Strike

Sho celebrating his win at EVO Japan 2024, Screenshot via Evo

In the top 6 there was a total of 4 Yuns with a Chun and Yang. However, out of the Yuns they play a style unique to themselves and even when they use Super 2. Boss was the expected champion due to his legacy with the fighting game. However, it was Sho who took the title after years of putting time into this game. Japan has a domination for this tournament being all 6 of the Top 6 finishes. We can’t wait to see of the japanese domination continues to Las Vegas.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike : Evo Japan 2024 Results

PlacePlayerCharacterPrize Money (¥ JPY)
1stSHOYun¥ 1,000,000
2ndBOSSYun¥ 450,000
3rdRikimaruChun-Li¥ 250,000
4thuccYun¥ 140,000
5thMichael-tan | YakkunChun-Li | Yun¥ 80,000
7thDerun | KoudaiYun | Yang

Rookies Overcomes the Odds Against Gamera

Rookies celebrating his victory in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, Screenshot via Evo

Gamera has been the undefeated champion for Granblue when it came to EVO. When news broke out that Ren put him in losers it was a huge shock. From there he made a tear though the loser’s bracket and many expected him to win after a clean 3-0 in grand finals to reset the bracket with Djeeta. However, Rookies kept his spirits high and with the power of Seox and his evasiveness. Letting him take the title and dethroning the champion from the past 2 years. With getting the first spot at the Arc World Tour 2024 Finals he got the rest of the year to prepare.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising: Evo Japan 2024 Results

PlacePlayerCharacterPrize Money (¥ JPY)
1stRookiesSeox¥ 1,000,000
2ndGameraDjeeta¥ 450,000
3rdTororoSiegfried | Percival¥ 250,000
4thRenSeox¥ 140,000
5thTakodot | KinoNier | Metera¥ 80,000
7thsho-san | Hinoki no BouZeta | Narmaya

Tempest Proves His Strength In Guilty Gear Strive

Tempest celebrating his first EVO Championship, Screenshot via Evo

Japan took over Guilty Gear Strive during EVO Japan 2024 and was looking prime to take the first Arc World Tour spot. However, the runner-up for Arc World Tour Finals 2023 was in attendance and was looking to make a statement. Tempest finished the tournament in first place beating out Arc World Tour 2022 Champion, Mocchii, Gobou, and south korean player Senakan only using 3 games in total. For Guilty Gear Strive which is 3/5 the entire tournament only losing 2 rounds 3 times is unbelievable including never losing a game in Top 8. Tempest is said to be the strongest player in the world and right now he looks to be that way.

PlacePlayerCharacterPrize Money (¥ JPY)
1stTempestNYCLeo Whitefang¥ 1,000,000
2ndSanakanHappy Chaos¥ 450,000
3rdTyuraraKy Kiske¥ 250,000
4thMiguMiguDokkoiJack-O¥ 140,000
5thGOBOU | MocchiiAsuka # | Sol Badguy¥ 80,000
7thLeffen | Rang13Happy Chaos | Goldlewis

Chikurin takes home the first Master+ TWT Event

Chikurin poses for his Tekken 8 Championship win at EVO Japan 2024, Screenshot via Evo

A lot of questions were raised about Tekken 8 going into the first Master+ event of the Tekken World Tour season. Many were worried about the quality of play with the first major of the game. However, a surprise came out of the Tekken World Tour 2019 Champion, Chikurin, in the form of Lily. While Lily is a strong character in Tekken 8 what makes her strong isn’t her pressure or heat chip, it’s her evasive capabilities. Having good movement speed and dodges into stance made a factor when facing characters with strong mids. In the end, Lily takes it over Dragunov in the form of LowHigh to take the title for Japan.

PlacePlayerCharacterPrize Money (¥ JPY)
1stChikurinLily¥ 1,000,000
2ndLowHighDragunov¥ 450,000
3rdChanelAlisa¥ 250,000
4thMangjaLaw¥ 140,000
5thdouble | InfestedLaw | Nina¥ 80,000
7thJeonDDing | Tekken MasterEddy

Mena Expands His Legacy with First EVO Title

MenaRD holding his first evo EVO trophy, Screenshot via Evo

2-Time EVO Champion, SFL Champion, Red Bull Kumite Champion is finally EVO Champion. Mena has been the most consistent player in Street Fighter 6 since the release of the game. So much so that many were surprised it took this long for him to win the big one. Japan had a strong showing with big placements for Ryukichi, Kakeru and Moke all placing in Top 6. EVO Japan also had a very impressive outing for US’s own Lexx. However Mena was prepared and ready to show why he is the best. He sweept Top 6 only having a close match with Ryukichi in Top 6. Going into Season 2 of Street Fighter 6 it will be hard to not see Mena as the likely favorite.

PlacePlayerCharacterPrize Money (¥ JPY)
1stMenaRDBlanka¥ 1,000,000
2ndKakeruJP¥ 450,000
3rdLexxGuile¥ 250,000
4thRyukichiKen¥ 140,000
5thVxbao | MokeJP | Chun-Li¥ 80,000
7thXiaohai | LiangliangKen | Blanka

Congratulations to all the winners of EVO Japan 2024, it was a long road for most of them and it isn’t even over yet. In fact, it is the beginning for many. With Arc World Tour, SNK World Championship, and Tekken World Tour kicking off all this weekend. Players see what they are up against if they want to claim the title as the best in the world and I’m sure none of these champions will take someone taking their title away with a fight. Next stop...EVO Las Vegas!

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