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Fans Express Concerns About Tekken 8 Patch

by Elvis Mack

Eddy Gordo and patch 1.03 were released for Tekken 8 on Tuesday, March 2nd. While Eddy will not be available for the public until tomorrow, many fans have seen some concerns when it comes to the latest 3D fighter. Turns out that some of the adjustments had some unintended behavior for a few of the cast.

Unintended Errors

Zafina, one of the biggest losers from the unintended errors of the Tekken 8 Patch

According to the official Tekken X account, the Tekken team confirmed some behaviors for Zafina’s backdash and Tornados that lead to unintended actions. In particular, Zafina’s backdash animation made it so that her distance was shorter than expected for most players.

Additionally, hit collision detection between walls and characters who adjust moves whiffing while near a wall. This has caused issues with existing combos making them not work as intended. Using moves like tornados and rage arts left the opponent open for attack if they were not careful.

Hot Fix Incoming

Luckily, the team said a patch is coming to address the two issues and is set to be released soon. Though no date was given we are thinking it will come out sooner rather than later. At the very least we are expecting to see it before the Tekken World Tour kicks off next week. Stay tuned to Versus Vortex for more news about Tekken 8, patches and the upcoming TWT season.

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