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FGC Rumble Report: New Champions, New Game, Same FGC

by Versus Vortex

Welcome to the FGC Rumble Report, where we unravel the electrifying world of fighting games. In this edition, we explore the triumphs and tales from the latest Multiple Pro Tour Qualifications, featuring the European Tekken Cup finals and the inaugural Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising weekend. Whether you’re deeply immersed in the fighting game community or just getting started, our breakdown aims to illuminate the noteworthy moments that unfolded over the weekend.

Capcom Pro Tour China Regional Finals: DespairKing’s Juri Shines Bright

The Capcom Pro Tour China Regional Finals witnessed the rise of DespairKing, whose exceptional skills propelled him to victory. In a gripping Grand Finals clash, DespairKing faced off against VXbao’s Ken, ultimately claiming the title and securing a spot in Capcom Cup X. Juri, propelled into the spotlight as the fourth representative in the race for the substantial 1 Million USD grand prize, adds a fresh dynamic to the evolving Capcom Cup X roster.

As the competitive dust settles from the China Regional Finals, the spotlight now shifts to the upcoming and final regional qualifier in the UK-Ireland region. Each event brings us closer to the completion of the Capcom Cup X roster, building anticipation for fans and players alike.

SNK World Championship Qualifier: SooA, The Queen of KOF, Reigns Supreme

Hailing from South Korea, SooA, revered as the “Queen of KOF,” secured her place in the upcoming SNK World Championship during FGCL Korea. Despite facing defeats from previous EVO Champions MadKOF and ET, SooA’s robust performance positions her as a formidable force for the SNK World Championship finals in March in Los Angeles.

As the anticipation builds for this prestigious event, all eyes will be on SooA, who has proven herself as a worthy contender, ready to make her mark on the global stage.

Tetsu Takes Home The European TEKKEN Cup 2023 Finals

In the Grand Finals, Tetsu emerged as the champion, overcoming formidable opponents and securing the coveted title. While Tetsu’s victory in the European Tekken Cup doesn’t guarantee a spot in the Tekken World Tour Finals, it undeniably adds momentum to his journey. The possibility of Tetsu opting for the last chance Qualifier injects an extra layer of intrigue into his path, offering a potential route to the pinnacle of Tekken competition.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising takes over the weekend

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising took center stage in the Fighting Game Community, attracting competitors eager to showcase their prowess in this newest title. From FGCL Korea to Dreamhack Atlanta and Bonus Round, the competition was fierce, and champions emerged from different corners of the globe.

Kyung ju, SenpaiSpyder, and GardeningTool showcased mastery in their respective regions, claiming victory in the latest edition of the Granblue Fantasy Versus Saga. The diverse array of winners highlights the dynamic nature of the game and sets the stage for future clashes in the Granblue Fantasy Versus community.

Join us next week for another round of action, as the competitive spirit roars to life once again. From regional showdowns to global spectacles, the Fighting Game Community remains a vibrant arena where champions are forged, and stories are written. Stay tuned for more updates, and brace yourself for the next exhilarating chapter!

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