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Fighting for your Future: Analyzing Street Fighter League US Before it’s Final Week of Regular Season Play

by Versus Vortex

Before the final week unfolds in the Street Fighter League US, let’s dive into the heart of the action, exploring the teams, their star-studded rosters, and the intricate strategies that will define the battle for the coveted Top 4 positions.

Team Rosters and Standings:

1. NASR: AngryBird, Big Bird, Punk, Nephew

2. Bandits: MenaRD, Caba, ChrisT, Xiao Hai

3. Versus Vortex: Oil King, NL, DCQ, Xian

4. UYU: Nuckledu, Dual Kevin, VXbao, Zhen

5. Red Rooster: Mono, Ajax Fidelity, PR Balrog, BananaKen

6. Endemic: Samurai, Flashmetroid, Reynald, ChrisCCH

Understanding the Format:

Street Fighter League US operates on a unique format where teams battle head-to-head in a series of matches. The first match is a First to 2, worth 10 points. The second match mirrors the format, also worth 10 points. The third match, a First to 3, holds the highest stakes, with 20 points up for grabs. In case of a tie, a first-to-1 tiebreaker worth 5 points ensures a decisive outcome.

Situations for Top 4 and Beyond:

1st  NASR (265 Points): Currently leading, NASR can only solidify their position with a strong showing against UYU. A win here would not only secure their spot, but could also potentially knock UYU out of the Top 4 contention.

2nd Bandits (225 Points): Bandits need a decisive victory against Versus Vortex to close the gap with NASR. A slip from NASR coupled with a convincing win for Bandits could see them seizing the top spot.

3rd Versus Vortex (200 Points): Versus Vortex must outshine Bandits to secure their Top 4 spot. A win in any form here is crucial for them to fend off competition from UYU and Red Rooster.

4th UYU (170 Points) and Red Rooster (170 Points): Both teams are in a do-or-die situation. A win is essential, but they also need the teams above them to falter. UYU faces NASR, a formidable opponent, while Red Rooster battles Endemic in a match they must win to stay in the race.

6th Endemic (100 Points): Endemic faces an uphill battle. They are out of contention for Top 4 so they can only ruin Red Rooster’s chances for contention with a solid finish to their season.

Tune in for the Showdown:

Street Fighter League US has been a rollercoaster of intense matches, unexpected upsets, and brilliant displays of skill. As we approach the final week, the stage is set for a thrilling conclusion. To catch all the action, make sure to tune in to the last week’s episode, Street Fighter League: Pro-US 2023 – Week 9. And for the upcoming week, be ready to witness the battles that will shape the playoffs. Don’t miss out on the excitement – check out capcomfighters – Twitch on January 4th and get ready for the ultimate Street Fighter 6 showdown!

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