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Fukunaga Wins Granblue Versus Rising Grand Finals

by Elvis Mack

Going into the finals many expected that the best characters in the game would shine. Since the release of the game, Nier was considered the best character in the game without question. So it was no surprise that at Arc World Tour 2023 Finals for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising 4 were in attendance in the final bracket. However, overcoming all odds it was not a Nier who won the final bracket, but an old favorite in Lancelot.

Overcoming The Matchup

Fukunaga Arc World Tour Finals Championship graphic by Arc System Works

While Lancelot was never considered a weak character in the current meta (far from it) he was overshadowed by the highest characters in the game. Nier and Siegfried was running rampant across the community and made a statement in the first few months. It was almost assured by the competitive scene that one of those two characters would win the finals. However Fukunaga showed why not.

In his first match in winners he made a statement winning 3-0 against the runner-up at Kayane Cup, Sonic-San. He later then shocks everyone beating his fellow countrymen, Takodot 3-1 in a runback from Cygames Cup. Already he seemed experienced in the two matchps you would have to be ready for going into this final event and looking strong going into Winner’s Finals.

The Final Hurdle

In Winner’s Finals he had to go against LCQ Qualifier, KojiCoco’s Nier. One of the strongest Nier players in the United States. While the rounds were close the use of Bravery Points from each player varied and smart baits and uses of ultimate fireball (which slows your opponent moves) was able to give Fukunaga the win to move on to grand finals in winners.

Fukunaga winning Winners Finals at Arc World Tour Finals 2023

Meanwhile Xerom who lost his very first match in Winners to Takodot was running the bracket all the way back to Losers Finals. Overcoming 2 Siegfrieds and a Nier to get back to the Top 3. However, Kojicoco was not about to be denied a rematch winning the matchup 3-1 going back to face Fukunaga one more time.

In Grand Finals, a lot of the same happened again for Kojicoco not able to get a read on Fukunaga’s Lancelot’s offence after a quick 2-0. With only one game left he went back to his original character of Zooey from Granblue Fantasy Versus. However it was too little too late as Fukunaga was ready and took the grand finals 3-0 to win the title.

What’s Next For Granblue?

After the tournament fans were treated to a special character trailer for Vane releasing to the game on April 2nd.

Vane Trailer released after Arc World Tour 2023 Finals for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

More importantly, however, is that Vane’s release will be the first balance patch for the game in Version 1.3 as many players are looking to see the changes. While we don’t not know what changes are coming a lot of plans for GBVSR are incoming. They announced that Granblue will be returning to Arc World Tour 2024 with slight differences from the Guilty Gear and Under Night counterpart. While we don’t know the exact details, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Granblue in the future.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising will appear again at Arc World Tour
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