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Game Bytes: Invasion of the Crab Tanks

by GameStart Asia

Taking hobby models to a whole new ocean level is Iwashi Kinzokuka, which literally translates to ‘metalising sardine’.

Jaw-dropping images of these hand-crafted crab tanks have surfaced on Facebook and Twitter attracted thousands of ‘Likes’ and comments ranging from disbelief (“Is that a real crab?”) to admiration.

The 49-year-old Japanese man from Ehime Prefecture started making his own creations about 10 years ago, initially focusing on metal works in the shape of fish as a hobby.

Iwashi Kinzokuka was inspired about 5 years ago to incorporate real-world items into his works, settling on crabs for their imposing appearance and as a durable work material. He sources crabs from markets and local fishermen.

It takes about two weeks to complete one model and retails for 8,000 yen (US$71.48) each. Starting from meticulously removing the flesh and internal organs to drying each crab shell, then attaching guns, wheels,and other elements sourced from plastic military tank models.

Anyone else getting Metal Slug 3 flashbacks or Phoenix Point vibes?

Huge Hermit Boss. Screenshot from VGBosses 24/7 Youtube video.


Featured image from Iwashi Kinzokuka website.

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