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Game Bytes: New Hearthsone Expansion and goodies

by GameStart Asia

Whenever there’s a new Hearthstone expansion there will be shiny loot for players. Here’s what you can expect for the release of Rise of Shadows!

Screenshot from Hearthstone game.

Goodbye Raven, hello Dragon! With the new Hearthstone Year of the Dragon brings changes to old cards and rotation of decks for PvP – check out all the changes over here.

Image from Heathstone Top Decks website.

Image from Blizzard Hearthstone page.

Get the Legendary card Archmage Vargoth and a shiny new card back (you can collect all 3) when you log in! But wait there’s more…Choose Your Champion is back for the HCT 2019 World Championship (25 April, Taipei). For more details on how to pick your favourite player and win Hearthstone packs, click here.


BONUS:  Celebrate Ignoblegarden festivities from 17-21 April with a new Tavern Brawl, 2 golden copies of Mechano-Egg AND 2 Boomsday Project card packs!

You could get Boom-tastic cards like these! Screenshot from Hearthstone game.

Cover photo from Blizzard’s Hearthstone page.

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