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Game News! 14/01/19

by GameStart Asia

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection

Enjoying Hitman 2? Yes? Good news! We are getting a couple of enhanced versions of the older games. In fact, they are available now! The Hitman HD Enhanced Collection features 4K visuals at 60 fps, along with increased texture resolution, upgraded texture formats, super-sampling, upscale support, heightened shadow map and mirror resolutions, improved lighting and updated controls for a more fluid experience. So it’s going to look all super shiny and sparkling. Nice! The collection contains two games:

Relive some of Agent 47’s most iconic hits in Hitman: Blood Money and experience a globe-trotting adventure from the vineyards of Chile, to the Paris Opera House and even the White House itself in a face-off against a group of assassins known as “The Franchise.”

Rediscover the cinematic story of Hitman: Absolution and experience the deep and personal story of Agent 47 as he pursues redemption across 20 intense missions. Enjoy a distinctive art style that combines with rich dialogue and performances by an impressive Hollywood cast to create a unique gameplay experience.

You can download today for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Total War: Three Kingdoms

The Total War series is back and with a fantastic setting! Ancient China! This realm of breath-taking natural beauty lies fractured, torn asunder by power-hungry warlords each vying for control of China’s future. Lush subtropics, iconic mountains drenched in mist, and tranquil golden rivers serve as the backdrop for the bloodiest period in ancient Chinese history. Zhuge Liang, an incredibly talented strategist, is willing only to serve an honourable master. In this age of boundless greed, the hope of finding someone worthy seems lost. Until he meets the kind and virtuous man of the people, Liu Bei. Together, they will fight to bring peace to China and restore harmony to its embattled landscape.

Will you be worthy enough for Zhuge Liang to join your cause? The next historical title in the Total War strategy series will launch March 7th, 2019. Not long to wait!

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection

The PlayStation 4 is getting in on some old skool SNK action! The year 2018 marked the 40th anniversary of the legendary studio SNK! To celebrate this milestone, a large selection of classic SNK Golden Age arcade games will be back in a terrific anthology: SNK 40th Anniversary Collection! This compilation will offer many surprises and new features! The 24 game collection contains the following titles:

  • Alpha Mission (arcade and home versions)
  • Athena (arcade and home versions)
  • Crystalis
  • Ikari Warriors (arcade and home versions)
  • Ikari III: The Rescue (arcade and home versions)
  • Guerrilla War (arcade and home versions)
  • P.O.W. (arcade and home versions)
  • Prehistoric Isle in 1930
  • Psycho Soldier
  • Street Smart
  • T.N.K. III (arcade and home versions)
  • Vanguard
  • Victory Road (arcade and home versions)
  • Chopper I
  • Fantasy
  • Munch Mobile
  • Sasuke vs. Commander
  • Time Soldiers
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Paddle Mania
  • Ozma Wars
  • Beast Busters
  • SAR: Search and Rescue
  • World Wars

Lots of amazing games there and a lot of history!

The Textorcist

Life as an exorcist is hard: You get insulted, spit and puked at or even cursed – and this every single day. But Ray Bibbia, the main protagonist of The Textorcist, takes it on the chin. As a private exorcist and certified badass, he knows how to put demons back in their place. In The Textorcist, you only have to do two things: type and dodge. Sounds easy but it proves to be much harder in practice. This game will put you to the limits of your cognitive and body coordination capacities.  Sounds like a workout! 😛

Your mission is to rid the world of every evil spirit and send them back to hell. You banish them by typing out the (un)holy passages from the exorcism book, down to the last letter. Any spelling mistake you make will set you back; but to make things really interesting you also have to dodge your enemies’ relentless bullet barrage at the same time. Welcome to (Bullet) Hell!

The game is out February 14th for PC. Just in time for Valentines Day…


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