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Game On! GameStart Cosplay Runway 2017

by GameStart Asia

Once more, venture to the fore, put on your best costume, get the makeup on, and bring your cosplay A-game to GameStart 2017, for Game On! GameStart Cosplay Runway 2017 is back! With awesome prizes to be won from our sponsors, you wouldn’t wanna miss this opportunity!

Simply sign up online, or come dressed in your cosplay best on Saturday (14 Oct). Our roaming Judges will definitely notice you, and you could be on your way to becoming the winner!



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Haru House
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Evolve Perth
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$350, Achievement Trophy, Samsung gear 360 Camera, 2 pairs of Freshly Pressed Socks, Prizes from Evolve Perth & iblazr2

Awarded to the cosplayer who scores outstandingly well overall in both costume and characterization.


$250,  Achievement Trophy, Samsung gear 360 Camera, 2 pairs of Freshly Pressed Socks, Prizes from Evolve Perth & iblazr2

Awarded to the cosplayer whose handmade costume demonstrates quality workmanship and innovation.


$250,  Achievement Trophy, Samsung gear 360 Camera, 2 pairs of Freshly Pressed Socks, Prizes from Evolve Perth & iblazr2

Awarded to the cosplayer whose stage presence and characterization catch our judges’ eyes.


$150,  Achievement Trophy, Samsung gear 360 Camera, 2 pairs of Freshly Pressed Socks

Awarded to a novice cosplayer that impresses our judges and has not yet won any awards at our curated competitions before.


  • Costume Accuracy and Craftsmanship: 40%
  • Characterization (Character Portrayal) and Performance: 40%
  • Entertainment Value, Creativity and Stage Presence: 20%


  1. Pre-registration for this competition is ENCOURAGED if you are not able to attend the convention on both days (see below).
  2. Alternatively, you may come dressed in your cosplay best, and hope to be noticed by our panel of cosplay judges on Saturday (14 Oct) between 1 pm to 6 pm.

You can register by clicking on the link here: REGISTER NOW

The Deadline for Registration is Saturday, September 30 2017. If you are selected, you will receive email confirmation no later than Monday, October 2 2017. Do check your emails regularly!


This segment of GameStart Asia is curated by Neo Tokyo Project. Any inquiries about the cosplay competition may be directed to Neo Tokyo Project at info@neotokyoproject.com.



This contest is open to any cosplayer who visits GameStart Asia 2017, regardless of nationality or country of origin. GameStart Asia 2017 staff and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in this competition.

As there are only a limited number of places available, do register early to avoid disappointment.


  1. Characters cosplayed MUST be from any game on the PC, Console, hand-held game device or mobile device.
  2. You must provide the title of the game, the name of the character(s), and a reasonably good quality, full-length image of the character(s) you intend to cosplay for the runway. The image(s) WILL be used as reference images during pre-judging.
  3. Contestants will each be given up to 2 minutes on stage to strut and pose, to act in character, and to impress the judges.
  4. The usage of confetti, fire effects, party poppers, pyrotechnics, or liquids on stage or as gimmicks in your costume are strictly NOT allowed.
  5. GameStart Asia reserves the right to use any images, video clips, audio clips and footage of any participant’s costume and performance with impunity and for promotional purposes, and retains these rights before, during and after the competition.
  6. Any infringement or failure to comply with the rules and regulations will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.


Note: The competition takes place on Sunday, 15 October 2017

  1. Contestants should report to the Neo Tokyo Project booth at 12 noon with costume and valid proof of identification for a briefing. Please try to be punctual.
  2. Judging for this competition takes place in two phases – the pre-judging phase and the Runway phase.
  3. You should be ready no later than 1 pm for pre-judging. Pre-judging will take place at the Neo Tokyo Project booth, and will count towards your Costume Accuracy and Craftsmanship score.
  4. The Runway phase of the competition will be held at the main stage. You will be ushered to the main stage by our event staff.
  5. During the Runway phase, all competitors will be given up to a maximum of 2 minutes of stage time to impress the judges (see above).
  6. Results will be tabulated at the end of the competition, and prizes will be presented at the end of the segment.
  7. All contestants will be invited on stage for the curtain call and prize giving.

House Rules for Cosplayers & Photographers

By entering the premises, you agree to be bound by the House Rules. GameStart Asia reserves the right to deny entry, as well as to remove individuals who are in breach of these house rules from the venue without delay and with impunity.

Furthermore, GameStart Asia reserves the right to amend and change these rules without prior notice.

1. Special Entry For Cosplayers

a) Cosplayers who are fully dressed as recognizable characters from anime, comic books, games, and manga are eligible for FREE entry.

b) GameStart Asia’s decision on what constitutes a fully dressed cosplayer in a recognizable costume is final.

c) Original Characters, crossover and mash-up characters, as well as characters without an identifiable source material, are not eligible for FREE entry.

d) Harajuku fashion is not cosplay and not eligible for FREE entry.

e) Due to security reasons, generic Military Simulation garb is strictly not allowed at the event.

2. Cosplaying

a) Cosplayers are reminded to practice positive convention etiquette.

b) As this is a family friendly event, cosplayers are reminded to be mindful and to dress appropriately for the venue. Exceptionally revealing costumes are strictly NOT allowed.

c) Metal props and replicas and/or props with sharp blades and/or sharp edges are strictly NOT allowed. Should you possess such a prop, it must be secured in a bag or in it’s scabbard at all times. The establishment reserves the right to routinely inspect props with impunity for safety reasons, and may confiscate or remove such props from the venue.

Props constructed out of wood, foam and other light materials are allowed as per normal.

d) All gun props MUST have an orange safety tip and/or possess clearly defined toy brands/labels and/or must be readily identifiable as a toy. Props capable of firing projectiles such as crossbow toys and NERF guns, must NOT be loaded at ALL times. Any projectile toy or prop must also conform to prevailing local laws.

e) You are NOT allowed to swing and/or brandish cosplay weapons, or act in a threatening and/or unruly manner with cosplay weapons while at the convention. Exceptions can be made for the cosplay runway and on-stage activities, provided the props are handled in a controlled manner.

3. Photography & Videography

a) You are allowed to take photographs and videos during the convention. Additionally, you are allowed to take photographs and videos during stage activities. However, you are NOT allowed to use a flash as this may be disruptive to performers.

b) When photographing or filming any specific person, you will be required to ask the person for permission before you do so.

c) In cases where photographers and/or videographers are suspected of taking inappropriate pictures and/or footage, GameStart Asia reserves the right to inspect the pictures and/or footage in question. Should the photographer and/or videographer be found to be in breach, GameStart Asia reserves the right to delete the pictures and/or footage with impunity. First-time offenders will be warned. Repeat offenders will be removed from the convention and a police report may be lodged depending on the severity of the offense.

d) You may be featured in images and footage taken by GameStart Asia’s official photographers and/or videographers during the event. GameStart Asia reserves the right to use/reuse any such images and footage with impunity.


The organizers of GameStart Asia and Neo Tokyo Project reserve the right to change the rules and regulations of this competition at any time.

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