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Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Version 1.30 Patch Notes

by Elvis Mack

After changing their name back from Fanblue Grantasy Rises: Versing, things are back in business for GBVSR. Today they released the patch notes for GBVSR Version 1.30 to be release with Vane. This marks as the first balance patch for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising as hope for change was desired.

Vane Joining The Roster!

The final dragon knight, Vane, comes with version 1.30 as well as his theme and other collectibles around him. He looks to be a mid-range heavy hitter with good pokes and high damage to catch your opponent for moving toward you. Check out his full Character Guide Below:

Patch Notes

The patch notes for 1.30 made plans to adjust the universal action, dashing light, as well as several adjustments to certain characters’ skills. They also wanted to adjust characters that players felt had ultimate skills that were difficult to use or limited in scope have been strengthened, and skills that were difficult to respond to have been adjusted. They have further adjustments are planned for future updates. As currently these are not the final modifications they want to make to the characters.

You can check out the entire patch notes on the Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Website.

Aside from general character patches some other adjustments were made. In Grand Bruise Legends, you can now invite up to 4 friends to play a game together. This allows players within the same room will be able to play Grand Bruise! together in the same match. They also added new illustrations for Anila, Siegfried, Grimnir, Nier, Lucilius, and Vane from the mobile game.

Invite a friend to play Grand Bruise Legends in GBVSR Version 1.30

Going into Version 1.30, Vane looks to be a fun addition to the roster. It also shows the direction that Cygames and Arc System Works is going with future patches. Time will tell if further adjustments will be needed, but with EVO Japan soon and Arc World Tour 2024 starting as well. The time to see who rises above the rest, will begin once again.

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