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Hunter x Hunter: Nen Impact Looks To Make Waves In The FGC

by Elvis Mack

Hunter X Hunter has left an indelible mark on the world of manga and anime. Created by Yoshihiro Togashi, its legacy is defined by its intricate plot, deep character development, and its willingness to explore dark and complex themes, pushing the boundaries of shōnen storytelling. Only now however does it seem like the fighting world realized in 2D Form with Hunter x Hunter: Nen Impact.

Hunter x Hunter: Nen Impact Current Roster

Nen Impact developed by Eighting is the same team that brought out DNF Duel, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, and many others 2D Fighters. They are looking to feature beloved characters from the Hunter x Hunter series. Known favorites include Gon, Killua, Isaac, Kurapika, Leorio and Hisoka.

Playable at EVO Japan

One surprise we didn’t expect is that Nen Impact will be playable at EVO Japan later this year. We currently do not know the content of the demo or how much footage we will get at the show, but many are looking forward to EVO Japan since the announcement. This will be the first public test for the game and in front of the fighting game community, so a lot of expectations going in.

No matter if you are a Hunter X Hunter or not this is good news for the FGC. More games for people to try and new people will try out the genre. Many have started their fighting game journey due to media they enjoy from Marvel to Dragon Ball to even NieR. More games in the FGC is always welcome and we can’t wait to hear first impressions of Nen X Impact.

Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact will be available for PlayStation 5, Switch, and PC via Steam when it launches.

If you missed the reveal trailer back in January, you can watch here.

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