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Azoove: Adventure With Your Friends In This Co-op Card Roguelike

by Indie Wavemakers

Azoove is a rogue-lite game all about the chemistry and cooperation between players. As a two-player co-op game, it is about the journey across a dangerous desert. Every day, players would encounter a scenario, some of these are unlucky events, some of these are deadly encounters, but all of them are bad news. The games test the players’ skill in overcoming these challenges, while working together in coordination.

Each day, players get three numbered cards from their deck, these numbers represent the action points that they get to act on in that day. Players have to juggle 4 major resources to ensure that their journey does not come to an abrupt end. Of the 4 resources, there are two mental attributes, Stress and Despair.

Players have to manage them and ensure they do not reach the limit, otherwise they would have to take a rest day, disrupting the journey. They would have to make sure that they have sufficient Rations to continue with their journey each day too. If they ever run out of Rations, they would be unable to continue, starving and ending their journey. Last of all, they would need to know where they are headed to next, so as not to get lost. This is represented by Orientation, and players would need to have at least 1 to continue with the journey, otherwise they would take a rest day to figure out their bearings. If the players ever take more than 3 rest days, the game is lost too.

The game is divided into 3 major parts. The beginning of the day, where a random event will happen, deciding the number of opportunities that a player gets, and effects that will alter the player’s resources. These are usually detrimental, sapping away the player’s resources or increasing their stress and despair. Occasionally, there are small positives, but these are very rare.

After the event, the players split up to search for opportunities. The game encourages the players to stop communicating at this point, relying on their instincts and understanding of each other and the situation to make the right choices. Players have to choose and pass on one of their opportunities to the other player, and then they may choose to pass one of their action cards to the other player, becoming inspiration.

Players are able to see what cards the other has, helping them make the decision. This is where the game starts to pick up. As the game continues chipping away at the players, they will soon encounter situations where they need to boost multiple resources. Opportunities passed to another player might signify what needs to be played, what the player can’t play, or even what is useless and should not be played. This depends on the chemistry between players and the more they play together, the more used to each other they become.

When players play to boost the same resource when they need to handle multiple resources, it can be a frustrating experience, but in a good way. The game nails the cooperation in the dark aspect and while it can be slightly convoluted, it is still an interesting and fun experience. 

The last part of the day is where players see everything come together or fall apart entirely. Each player’s opportunities are revealed and resolved, and then players have a last chance to salvage the situations with some basic actions. They may play their remaining cards for small bonuses. At the end, we’ll see if the players survive the day and have sufficient resources to continue the journey, or rest to regroup.

The game is a very unique take on the rogue-lite genre and while it may be a frustrating experience at first, players will grow to learn each other’s patterns and way of thinking, eventually being able to tackle the challenges in the journey.

The game is highly recommended for friends who love bickering and ordering each other around, allowing them to release their frustrations at each other, and eventually learn to appreciate each other!

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