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Black Forest: Gather Resources, Shore Up the Village, Survive the Night

by Indie Wavemakers

Halloween has been and gone but there is plenty of spooks still to be had and you know what is scarier than a visit from creepy monsters? Having to build a community of your own (not applicable to those who have played The Sims and went into diabolical deity mode). While you do not have to go on an Oregon Trail and deal with the possibility of someone dying from dysentery, Black Forest provides a different slice of other tasty offerings. After all, an ominous-sounding title does come with dark elements involved (did one of the villagers die again? Let’s blame it on witchcraft!).

Developed by the wholesome village people at Lemuria and published by the knights from Freedom Games, Black Forest is a strategy survival game set in dark medieval times where death, danger, and despair define this village. Assigned as the role of chief, sustainability is not just a modern buzzword to make your village achieve corporate social responsibility goals. Rather, it carries a huge significance in Black Forest as this affects not just the mortality of your villagers but also ensures survival from external attacks.

Sorry chief, but in case the information was not delivered (the designated messenger might have been mauled to death by mutated vermins), your village is constantly under the threat of being attacked. Forget devising strategies for land expansion and be on your way to becoming a warrior of the world, be thankful that Schramberg has not become another piece of someone else’s empire. Do not let this perceived lack of bloodlust deter you though, because defence is the best form of offense and this resonates with Black Forest.

Schramberg is about to embark on its bountiful harvesting season and you are greeted by Agnes and Hugard, villagers assigned for your tutorial. Cheeky fourth wall acknowledgement aside, the assigned villagers are tasked to ensure that you are aware of what needs to be done.

From basic fundamental groundwork such as constructing buildings and creating food sources, to delegating roles for the Schramberg villagers, Black Forest is indeed a work in progress taking place daily. Once the sun rises, everyone has their sleeves rolled up and ready to meet their assigned objectives. While some of us are tempted to simply bypass hints and tutorials in general, these will definitely come in handy for Black Forest.

Blessed with not just amazing graphics and attention to detail even while zoomed in, Black Forest recreates realistic situations and your decision-making skills play a huge factor in its survival. Expect the occasional drought, periodic deaths, and unwanted guests. Speaking of which, nightfall is the perfect time for visitors who are anything but human. As the villagers down their tools and head into blissful slumber, nocturnal creatures come to visit Schramberg with intentions unknown to them. Guess the invaders that Schramberg needs to worry about are not of their own, but what is it exactly?

Black Forest is available now on PC via Steam.

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