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Fight Crab 2: Fight To Claim The Title of King Crab In This Insane Brawler!

by Indie Wavemakers

It’s hot! It’s spicy! It tastes great! Coming down to your screens walking sideways at a hefty weight of deliciousness, it’s the return of that deliciously hilarious fighting game known as Fight Crab 2! You have simulation games that are conjured up through a crazy fever dream, but get ready to get those pincers up and do battle against other crabs in a bid to establish crustacean supremacy! If it’s a best seller once, why not let lightning strike twice?

Fight Crab 2 is a 3D action game that needs little elaboration, as developer Calappa Games combines forces with the publishing powers of Playism and Active Gaming Media to deliver their freshest catch of the day! Time to surf your turf with the chosen hardened warrior, while having a weapon equipped to deliver heavier cracks through enemy armour than your ordinary crab mallet. This includes a range of conventional medieval weaponry such as swords, nautical tools like the trident, or other insane items that should be seen to be believed.

Before plunging into the deep, you can customise your warrior and give it an identity, but not before selecting its crab-filiation. Not to worry if you aren’t well-versed in nautical studies, the best approach is just going with the flow and figuring out gameplay instinctively.

Coincidentally, that seems to be the best experience while playing Fight Crab 2 even if you are unfamiliar with this series. With its distinctive 90s kitschy arcade game music and what can be best described as “English commentary found in Japanese games”, Fight Crab 2 knows what you are exactly here for.

For the gaming purists who believe in completing every single option, you can wade into those shores through Training Mode and Tutorial, which allows one to understand every command while selecting two preset modes (Classic and Modern). While informative and getting you into the swing of things, we spent all of 5 minutes on the hors d’oeuvre before moving to the main entrées of Fight Crab 2.

Career mode begins with your protagonist selecting their crustacean of choice at Level 1, proceeding to the preferred fighting style (preloaded with weapons and character perk) before its story begins. You are greeted by Maki Shione, a crab farmer who also runs the fight club known as The Crab League. Do battle against other budding warriors, and earn the right to leave for the Crab Nebula. Select between Event Battle, Exhibition, and Ranked Battle to commence your journey while reigning supreme.

Feeling crabby about having to wait for your main feast? Why not get messy right away, and enter the chaos known as Challenges? Similar to Career, you will be guided in selecting the prerequisites, but the formalities end there. Participate in a list of battles on offer, and team up with another fighter to vanquish opponents, tag-team style.

Insane, unpredictable, and above all else, endless entertainment that requires little strategizing. It’s war games in a virtual aquarium of hardcore weapons and extreme crustacean wrestling without holding back on defying gravity and logic.

If you are a fan of cult 90s Japanese video games such as Tekken, Dead or Alive, as well as Marvel vs Capcom, these vibrant graphics are reminiscent of that era (did we mention that repetitive ditty?). Mash and bash those buttons away, while making sure to add Fight Crab 2 to your Steam cart now.

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