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Immortal Life Lets You Farm With Spells, Get Into Fights And Build Your Dream Home

by Indie Wavemakers

Long before your time, in the southern provinces of China, there was an idyllic village that was filled with proficient pugilists but severely lacking in horticulturists. While we cannot travel back in time to verify these claims, there is the next best thing by recreating this experience through Immortal Life.

Train your green fingers and prepare to rake that hoe while planting those seeds, because developer YiFang Studio has been toiling those hard hours plowing into creating this life simulation game. Published by 2P Games while making its rounds at conventions such as Indie Live Expo 2021, this Chinese RPG is now ready to explore the PC platform.

Despite the lack of wuxia elements (unless you are battling against soil fertility), Immortal Life’s ancient storytelling aspect complements well with traditional period dramas. Your journey begins as an eager individual hoping to enter the ranks of The Guiyun Sect and be one of their esteemed members. While it helps to receive the endorsement of the Elder Sect of Alcemy Zuo Mingyuan in this pursuit, getting into the Guiyun Sect is not a walk in the park. Competing against other aspiring landscapers, you get to interact with them and find out their respective intentions.

However, the biggest test begins even before sitting down for an imperial examination; an unknown man is seen falling from a great height and burning all over. Soon, it was the entire village that fell victim to this unexpected blaze, and thus, begins the main premise of Immortal Life.

Aside from ensuring the safety of others and seeking medical attention for those directly impacted, your protagonist has to convince fellow candidates to stay put and work together as a team. While there are a few defectors (because they did not sign up for this), the protagonist and other remaining fellows decide to stick around while putting their horticultural skills to real-time use.

Through various stages of Immortal Life, communicate with your fellow candidates in a series of tasks ranging from making decisions, as well as getting useful in-game hints while carrying out an activity. Receive tools and supplies along the way to create arable land, and grow crops while deciding the next best course of action. Access your options and utilise resources with just one click, but not forgetting the usefulness of others while navigating through Immortal Life. Hoping for some divine assistance to accelerate the process? Look out for opportunities to cast a spell or two, like the magical gourd of enchanted hydration and other possible tricks up your sleeves.

Could there be some romance brewing in the air of this kingdom? While that is an element that remains to be seen, you might uncover other passions instead while being immersed in Immortal Life. This RPG tests your strategic skills in the field of agriculture while achieving the ultimate objective of rebuilding The Guiyun Sect to near-perfection once again. That grass might not be as green as you might expect, but becoming the catalyst for change is equally satisfying.

Immortal Life is now available for download on Steam.

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