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Magic Chaos: Grab Some Friends! Time For A Bullet Hell Party Game

by Indie Wavemakers

Have you ever played a bullet hell game and thought, this boss is kinda dumb, I would’ve shot here and then like that and gotcha! Well, in Magic Chaos, you get to unleash hell upon your friends and foes! Plan your deluge of bullets and let it rain!

Magic Chaos is an online multiplayer bullet hell game where the player plays as a magical girl, armed with various shooting patterns and skills, tries to eliminate the other player while dodging their bullets.

Every magical girl has their own unique skill, and the player can then choose their main and sub bullet skills. Bullet skills are divided into 3 categories, Attack, Scatter, and Special. Attack skills are generally bullet patterns that are fired forward, they usually have a short cooldown. Scatter skills fire a large number of bullets in an expanding pattern, spreading out from the player, and their cooldown is usually slightly longer than Attack skills. Special skills are unique skills that don’t fall into the previous categories. At the moment, there are 3 Attack skills and 1 Scatter skill unlocked from the start, with players able to unlock more. There are a total of 9 Attack skills, 4 Scatter skills, and 1 Special skill at the moment.

Apart from their own unique skills, the magical girls have an awakening effect too. They have an awakening gauge that builds while they are fighting, coming into effect when it is full. These effects are passive bonuses that improve their fighting capabilities, such as increasing the bullet size, speed, etc. The players can unlock new skills by completing missions to earn keys. Other than skills, unlockables include a 4th magical girl, and stamps to use in game a la emoticons.

For the most part the game is pretty fun, however the pace seems to be much slower than expected due to the cooldowns and map size. One would imagine a bullet hell game will be constant hectic action, dodging bullets left and right while trying to nail down your enemy. Perhaps it can be, but the action is far too repetitive and mundane at the moment, with too little variations to a player’s pattern of play. Maybe it is designed for more players other than the 2 player games that were tested, or maybe we’re just not massive bullet hell players. 

The game does have decent art. The 3D models for the 4 different magical girls are distinct from each other, and have their own personalities. While maps have different background designs, they don’t affect any movement, which is a shame. There are no map mechanics which could possibly spice things up, along with random power-ups that might add an edge to a stale match. It is also slightly unclear when do bullets stop being effective, as they seem to fade out slowly and stop being lethal even though they are still visible. 

The game has room for improvement, but for a multiplayer bullet hell game, it seems to be a good first step, and with some tweaks, could prove to be a fun experience amongst bullet hell fans.

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