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Nyaaaanvy: A Heated Battle For Dignity Among Cat-like Creatures

by Indie Wavemakers

Time to ramp up the kawaii factor and spend hours pitting elongated felines against each other in a sumo-style, battle royale elimination extravaganza with Nyaaaanvy! Even before going into detail, you know that it will be countless hours of silly hysterics and purrfect entertainment for those who love their games to defy logic.

Upon entering the chimed doors of Nyaaaanvy, you are greeted by the distinct anime artwork that the games uses and your main protagonist (Nora). Here you can choose from 5 different options to begin with, although beginners should give Practice and Tutorial a go so that they can get familiar before progressing. Nyaaaanvy is an action game that pits cats in sumo brawls with the main objective of becoming the CAT OF CATS!

Imagine the early Street Fighter series but with more cuteness and silly dialogue between different breeds. This is further explored in Story mode, where your game guide Aoi takes you along on a journey through various locations and comes across opponents who are eager to displace your throne and be the new cat in that territory. Do cats have nine lives? Only one way to find out!

Using all parts of your body (especially your posterior), Nora’s objective is to butt out all other cats and be the last one standing. The process of elimination is confirmed when a cat goes over the competitive zone and falls away from view. While our cat took some time to get used to moving around, it is recommended that you use a game controller and take advantage of the directional stick for better maneuvering.

Aside from jousting with fellow sausage cats, Nyaaaanvy also gives you the option to make Nora truly stand out with its full suite of customisation options. In addition, there are opportunities to give your cat an added advantage through boosts littered around each stage. Juice up to fill up your Berserk meter and launch stronger attacks swiftly, or gain temporary immunity against foreign objects (we did preface by saying that it gets crazier as you progress).

Other prizes are at stake also, such as a year’s supply of cat food to undisputed bragging rights in other modes such as Arcade and Sub Game. Not content with just the CPU limitations? You can take it to Multiplayer mode and battle against fellow gamers in various locations while knowing that only one can claim the title of Cat of Cats.

Expect hours of engaging gameplay and getting totally immersed into the world of Nyaaaanvy, while showcasing that sometimes less is more. Earn your stripes and defend your kitty pride now!

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