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Parry Nightmare: Easy To Pick Up, Hard To Put Down

by Indie Wavemakers

Playing as a girl trapped in her own nightmares, you are assisted by a horned girl, who is her other self, as you try to defeat your literal inner demons and wake up. As a glowing soul with a singular eyeball, you move around a small trapped area, emitting a cyan light burst to stun your enemies when they get close. After they are stunned, the horned girl will use a light beam to finish them off.

As the player defeats enemies, they drop small bits of light which can be collected. Upon collecting 100 lights, the nightmare ends and the player is taken back to the girl’s room. The player may click on various items in the girl’s room to hear her thoughts about them, fleshing out her life and how her nightmares come about. Each level represents a source of trauma for the girl, her daily struggles manifesting as demons to keep her within her nightmare.

The game is straightforward, press Spacebar or A button when enemies are within the player’s range, and the enemies will be stunned and swiftly dealt with by the horned girl. As the player defeats more enemies, they become stronger, represented by a growing gauge. The gauge shrinks if the player bursts without hitting any enemies, or when they touch an enemy. If the gauge grows to maximum, the player may use a special burst, hitting a large amount of enemies on the screen. 

There are various types of enemies as the game progresses, with some coming after the horned girl, stunning her when they come in contact if the player fails to stop them. If the horned girl is stunned, the player would have to rush to her side and revive her, for she is the only means of defeating the demons. 

The game falls into a repetitive loop after a while, and it feels as though levels get stale as the player is simply repeating the same actions over and over again, albeit with increased urgency. There are small nuggets of play which are interesting when they arise, but these moments are usually when a new enemy appears, forcing the player to change their pattern of play. 

Parry Nightmare could do with a bit more polish in terms of overall presentation, with some of the english text exceeding the text box. The combat UI, while serviceable, could do with a tad more “bling” as it is currently simple geometry shapes at the moment. The art of the game is decent, and I enjoyed that each level reskins the demons for a different setting, while still retaining a similar silhouette for each demon. 

In terms of content, the game seems pretty small at the moment, seemingly content at telling a story about the struggles of our lead character. Clearly the developer want to explore the mental struggles that many people are facing and while the game still lacks polish, the intent and attempt should be applauded and hopefully there will be more improvements made to bring the game up to par with the message it has.

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