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Speed Crew:  A Fun And Chaotic Cooperative Party Game With A Unique Theme

by Indie Wavemakers

Suit up in your racing overalls, head towards the pitlane, and race against time. Do not worry about lap times, it is the car that needs fixing! Welcome to the life of Speed Crew, an action simulation game that tests your automobile knowledge while ensuring that the car does not get held back due to incompetence. Developed and published by the gaming works team of Wild Fields Limited while running on the Unity engine, Speed Crew does not require you to take the wheel, nor see any form of asphalt competitiveness between drivers. However, it is drive to survive as your team’s success lies in the wrench (and carjack) of destiny. Ringing Gene up can wait, time to do a virtual track walk of Speed Crew with us.

Upon opening up the garage doors of Speed Crew, you are greeted by a pit crew member in cell shading animation and bold illustration. Select between 3 teams (before you ask, Red Hullers is not the newest name of that sister F1 team), or let your imagination go wild with a brand to call your own. Regardless, what is motorsport without a look back at the past or to be precise, the year 1977. Back when everything was in a sepia tint, moustaches ruled the roost (5 years later, said prophecy was fulfilled by Keke Rosberg) and your chosen team took centerstage in this flashback that serves as an introduction to Speed Crew.

Thanks to a much needed pep talk by their owner and receiving timely reinforcements for the pit crew, everything is going according to plan, until a certain knock-off Dominic Toretto decided to throw a wrench into the works. Ahh yes, it is the dastardly Furious Family Racing and their chrome domed boss’ bid to defeat your team in a winner takes all 4 championship competition. Thankfully, your boss decides to take up on the offer and game for whatever forfeit the loser will face.

Formalities now out of the way, it is lights out and away we go! As part of your role as the racing support specialist, identifying areas that needs fixing in quick is crucial, where every millisecond counts. Once a car arrives in your pit stop, use the computer to assess the affected part and use either a gaming controller or keyboard/mouse for an array of actions. While you do not need trade school knowledge, it helps if you are able to tell your tools aparts before administering them. Eager to raise the stakes and challenge family or friends in their tyre swapping efficiency?

Speed Crew also comes in a co-op mode for those who prefer that multiplayer setting after being familiar with the game mechanics. This complements with the new Dominion mode, joining Speed Crew’s existing Sabotage option and judging from early reactions during its initial launch, expect more updates coming your way.
Wheel out the title-winning monster magnet and be part of that steadfast crew who keeps things firing on all cylinders.

Speed Crew is now available on Steam and ready to get your gears in sync.

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