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Taipei Game Show 2024: Check Out This Incredible Lineup of Games At Indie Wavemakers

by Indie Wavemakers

Indie Wavemakers is back! This time, we’ll be over in Taiwan for the Taipei Game Show 2024, happening from 25-28 January, bringing some of the most exciting titles across the Asia-Pacific! Here are some of the awesome indie titles we’ll be featuring at Indie Wavemakers.


We saw Unyielder back in 2023, and they’re back at Indie Wavemakers! Unyielder turns lightning-fast action up a notch with adrenaline-pumping boss fights, a myriad of guns and rogue-like upgrades that make each run unique and exciting. Combined with the satisfying visual and audio cues, Unyielder has made its way into one of the indie titles we’re all excited about.

Set in the science-fantasy, post-post-apocalyptic lands of Antarctica, the player takes control of The Pretender, a sapient machine built from the technology of an old totalitarian technocracy. They begin their journey with a single directive: To hunt down and reclaim parts of a shattered machine-god, scattered throughout the rusted lands.

In preparation for their upcoming release this year, TrueWorld Games has released several more gameplay teasers over on their YouTube channel, but visit booth S26 to see what the team has been working on so far.

Dive The Depths

From the collaborative efforts of indie developer Frizuo and Singaporean indie studio Starpixel Studios comes Dive The Depths, a rogue-like exploration game set beneath the ocean floor. You play as a diver, sent down into the depths of the vast ocean to discover forgotten secrets never told while fending off ruthless creatures that have evolved to survive and titanic bosses that hold powerful artefacts that make the diver stronger. 

While there is no playable demo online (just yet), the game has been in development for around 3-4 months at the time of writing this and shows off an incredible amount of polish in that time. Its pixel art style hides tiny details that add a bit of nuance to each enemy design and give the game the truly horrifying vibe of diving into the ocean depths. The pacing of its gameplay feels similar to the Binding of Isaac, though the gameplay itself feels vastly different in comparison. 

Dive The Depths has yet to announce a release date, but its Steam page is now up for those who are looking to wishlist this title. You can check them out at booth S53.


Another title from Stapixel Studios is Lightclusters, a third-person ARPG set in a world of cosmic knights and galactic fantasy. You play as Citrine, a newly graduated Knight forced to fight in a decades-long conflict, setting her off on a journey to defeat those that threaten her hometown and bring peace back to her home.

From its combat trailer, Lightclusters has a well-polished look that combines well with its flashy gameplay, where Citrine can chain attacks into long-running combos that end into explosive finishers. Although not many details have been unveiled yet, we’re excited to see what direction the game takes. Visit booth S51 for more information!

Katana Rama

Rocking a unique blend of many genres, Katana Rama is a mobility-based action game that revolves around taking down enemies in procedurally generated levels, dashing and slashing past each security bot. With each slain foe, you gather energy that can be used to break through tougher enemies or open up a door to the next level, eventually taking on different bosses as you attempt to break out of this digital security system.

Rocking an art style inspired by older low polygon games and a soundtrack that suits its matrix-like themes, Katana Rama is a wonderful blend of strategy and action paired with fluid movement mechanics. Visit them at booth A30 and give it a try.


Part of the indie game charm is being able to flip certain formulas we’ve come to expect from a game genre, and RP7 oozes that charm plenty. Instead of controlling the knight you’re playing as, RP7 has you change the encounters the knight faces in this “slot-managing” roguelike. As the knight moves at a certain pace, you get to change the next encounter based on what you need, all with a press of a button. 

From the trailer, there are 7 playable characters and 7 different levels alongside the 7 usable buttons amongst other things that are 7, so if the unannounced release date is not 7 July, we’ll need to have a talk with the developer Turtle Cream Games. Jokes aside, visit booth S03 if you’d like to find out more about this game.


Another title from last year’s gamescom asia, RunOut is a casual racing game where you capture a bear doll at the end of a randomly generated level. Race against up to 8 other friends using adorably huggable creatures and special abilities while dodging unpredictable traps and pitfalls through randomly generated levels. Check them out at booth A22.

We’re only scratching the surface of amazing indies that will be making an appearance at Indie Wavemakers at Taipei Game Show 2024. Stay tuned for more updates on Indie Wavemakers titles!

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