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Taipei Game Show 2024: Take A Look At Even MORE Amazing Games At Indie Wavemakers!

by Indie Wavemakers

There are plenty of indie titles over at Indie Wavemakers in the Taipei Game Show 2024, and we’ve got plenty more to comb through. Let’s take a look at a few more titles making an appearance at the Indie Wavemakers booth this weekend!


Kicking off our round-up is Nivalis, a sequel to ION LANDS’ previous game Cloudpunk and expands on the fictional cyberpunk city both games are set in. In this life-sim, you play as a new business owner, starting with a food stand or a stim store. As you spend time in this neon-filled city, you can grow your business into something bigger, meet a diverse cast of strange characters and experience the danger and wonders of this beautiful dynamic world.

Based on the trailers, you can explore various parts of the visually stunning Nivalis, head out to the ocean waters or spend your day growing plants in your greenhouse. The city also comes with its own weather, a night and day cycle and plenty of characters to interact with, giving you plenty of reasons to interact with the world. Give Nivalis’ demo a try over at booth A06!

Sky The Scraper

A window-cleaning rogue-like was not a game most people expected to see, but Sky The Scraper takes on the challenge of bringing that concept to life! You play as Sky, a window cleaner struggling to make ends meet, and you’re tasked with cleaning each building as best as you can within a time limit. However, window cleaning is a dangerous business, and Sky might take a tumble if he loses his grip, runs off the building, or collides with birds, leading to injuries and potentially a game-over!

Beneath the flashy action of Sky The Scraper is a life-management RPG, where you can decide how Sky spends his time off. These actions can raise or lower some of his stats, maintain his physical and mental condition or improve his skills for better results.

Overall, Sky The Scraper is a deeply personal narrative of money struggles, family conflicts and pushing towards a goal, and the publisher HyperReal hopes “that Taiwanese people will be able to relate to the young main character who is pursuing his dream in a harsh working environment.” You can check out this game at booth A23.

Dead Flamingo

No, there aren’t any dead animals here, but Dead Flamingo could with its world-ending narrative about a world that meets its demise every seven days. This action-adventure game puts you in the role of a young fisherman who sets out into open seas and attempts to break this world out of its apocalypse cycle.

Explore this unique dying world and uncover its secrets, while building relationships with the characters scattered across (and below!) the ocean, and fending off disturbing creatures.

If the beautiful expansive landscapes of Dead Flamingo don’t impress you, the visual designs of the environments, sea creatures and creepy Lovecraft-inspired enemies might. The sprawling open world seems to have plenty of things to encounter, something that often plagues games with an open-world setting.

The clutter of elements in the trailer shows off some exciting moments that we’re hoping Twenty Ninety Creative will show more of at booth S05.

Flow of Sound

Despite its chaotic visuals from its trailer, Flow of Sound is a puzzle game that aims to be a therapeutic game with a simple premise and soothing audio, according to the Korean developers Morning Bird Studio. Coloured balls are generated with the beat of the music, and the game challenges you to get these balls into a box of the same colour by moving various platforms to create walls and ramps to bypass obstacles. Check out Flow of Sound at booth S57


On the opposite end of the spectrum, LetMeOut is a horror genre that leans heavily into puzzle-solving in a 3D space. Made by a team of Korean developers working with publishers EclipseStudio, LetMeOut puts you into the shoes of a scholar named Bundy attempting to cure his wife’s dementia through a series of experimental procedures. As he dives into his memories, you explore five various locations in Bundy’s past and solve various puzzles to “retrieve your mind”.

A release date has not been announced yet, but you can find the game at booth S66.

The Devil Within: Satgat

Another Korean-developed titled, The Devil Within: Satgat is a thrilling 2.5D Metroidvania game developed by Newcore Games. As Royal Guard Kim Rip, you are tasked with investigating and destroying the Ebon Sting, a mysterious black tower that appears to be the source of some unusual symptoms amongst the population and demonic entities.

Part of the core gameplay seems to revolve around skill expression, with the trailer revealing some stylish movements with counter-attacking mechanics and mastering both swordplay and gun mechanics in order to progress. Combined with its grim apocalyptic visuals and The Devil Within: Satgat is a title worth checking out over at booth S04.

These are some of the indie titles being showcased at Indie Wavemakers at the Taipei Game Show, and we’re excited for you to try them out if you’re visiting us! Can’t make it to the event? Tune in to Indie Wavemakers’ live stream on the day of the event to catch up on these amazing titles and their awesome developers.

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