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Shieldbearer announces Low Poly Free-Form Sandbox RPG, The Bloodline

by Indie Wavemakers

Indie publishing label HOOK has announced a partnership with exciting new developer Shieldbearer Studios to release The Bloodline on Steam Early Access.

The Bloodline is a Freeform Sandbox RPG that puts players in the role of divine protectors of the fantasy land of Eudros, but it is up to players to decide whether they abide to that fate, because their journeys are not written in stone, but in blood. 

A true Sandbox RPG, The Bloodline opens up the world to its players, inviting them to experiment with the game’s mechanics, setting and characters to shape their experience for their own unique playthrough.

Developed by Miles Whittaker, founder and the sole developer for Shieldbearer Studios, The Bloodline is a very personal project: 

“Like all indie developers, I have a true, deep passion for gaming. Specifically, RPGs! Ever since I was little, I’ve had an obsession with anything fantasy. Lord of the Rings and the Elder Scrolls were my primary focus. I’d spend countless hours playing Morrowind, crafting spells and potions that would practically break the game.

I’ve craved a game that would scratch that itch for years now, and I haven’t been able to find one that truly felt like a freeform sandbox RPG, so I set out to make one on my own! For the past 3 years, I’ve been hard at work making my first ever game –  The Bloodline!

After a year or so of development, the game gained a large following and encouraged me to release a demo, which reached thousands of players and garnered a ton of feedback, encouraging me to push the game further and further! I formed my own solo-dev studio, Shieldbearer Studios, and kept working hard on the game, until the game was spotted by 505 Games – specifically, some dudes from HOOK! They loved the look of the game, and recognized the potential the game has. Long story short, we’re now working together and Steam Early Access is just around the corner!

My goal is to shape The Bloodline into a true sandbox roleplaying experience.  The feeling of freedom I felt from games like Morrowind is something I’ve tried so hard to emulate in The Bloodline. Your character should play *exactly* how you want to play. I find that most RPG’s nowadays pull away from true role playing elements. .”

The Bloodline is set to release on Ealy Access in October 5, 2023.

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