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INSTALL 2024 Looks to Kick Off The Tekken World Tour Strong

by Elvis Mack

Install 2024 is an event in Finland for the fighting game community in Europe. It is also the home of a dojo event on the Tekken World Tour, the first of many for the season. For many players this will be the first chance to place their claim into Tekken 8 for points. As well as a chance to see high-level Tekken before the Master+ event at EVO Japan.

More European Representation

In the past, many pro tours made the north american and japanese scenes the forefront of the premiere spots. However, over the past few years that has expanded to other regions thanks to various factors. The most of which is the tour’s community system which for the TWT is the dojo system. The dojo system allows TOs from any region to apply to be part of the tour and gain points for players who make the trip. Install 2024 is the first event to be accepted into this year’s tour is looking to highlight the EU tekken scene.

While many players are looking towards EVO Japan, this gives viewers a chance to look at high level competition with stakes on the line, especially this year. Tekken World Tour has a unique system where your points in the region could secure you a finals spot.

The Various Regions of The Tekken World Tour

This gives smaller events like this a chance for new names and faces to take center stage. Players who may not be able to attend every master now has a chance. And now every spot on the tour matters more than just master and master+ events as before.

Install 2024 looks to show the power of the dojo events for the people of Finland. For the players, this is a chance to get points for Region 4, a highly contested region. And finally to get a good headstart into the competition. Stay tuned to Versus Vortex tomorrow as we break down everything TWT related for this season.

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